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  1. I’m amazed by that last little fact about the three foot wingspan they had, back in the day. Of course, they may have been flitting around during the time when armadillos (aka glyptodons) were the size of VW Beetles. I’ve read that people used to live in those early armadillo shells. Maybe those big dragonflies provided some ventilation.


    • Glyptodons were only around relatively recently, in the Pleistocene Period, while the giant dragonflies were in the Carboniferous Period, over 200 million years ago (well before man or apes evolved). Oxygen levels, way back then, were very high, allowing insects to get way bigger than they are now. 🙂


  2. So this dragonfly has the extra wing on the left side as a fluke, or missing a wing on the right side? I noticed it right away. They are so delicate, like butterflies, no wonder their wings are destroyed. A fellow blogger who takes many pics of butterflies had one missing most of one wing and says they often tear them on bushes, scraping them right off. How sad.


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