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Few of us, so very few of us, have deep, immeasurable space within (and “as”) the mind.  Most minds are endlessly chattering about one thing or another, filled with series after series of limited thoughts (which are merely symbols), images, fears, opinions, musical tunes, and past experiences.  Most minds are satisfied with remaining cluttered by what was poured into them.  Most go from one series of reacting thoughts and repetitive reconfigurations to another… endlessly.  Being satisfied with that is the norm, and that leads to depression, melancholiness, and division.

This space — of thought — which most people adhere to, and consist of, is of limitation.  It is the small space of fragmentary symbols, which thoughts actually are.  It is the little space between “self” and “other life forms.”  It is the fallacious space between a supposed “me” and the so-called distant thoughts that it allegedly controls.   It is the space between the past and the future.  It is the space between “us” and “them.”  It is the little space of sorrow.

Remain plastered there, if you wish.  However, it may be most prudent to intelligently consider going beyond the norm.  Will going beyond the norm necessitate more methodologies (from the stale past of the old teachers and religious/philosophical/political leaders)?  Will going beyond the norm require following certain patterns in time, as in the ways we have merely functioned in throughout the past?  Surely not!  Love cannot exist deeply and profoundly if limited patterns and limited space crowd the mind.  It is the mind that is full of walls of separation and limitation that is the prejudiced mind, the hating mind, the callous and uncaring mind.  Love cannot enter what is limited, fragmented, contaminated, and “unwhole.”  


Perpetuity… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. I worry that my mind is so empty that I have no original thoughts. As you suggest, it’s all just a rehash of what’s gone before. Is being just a vessel for the universe without our personal stamp really a fulfilling life?


    • For the most part, there are no “original thoughts” in most people whatsoever. Mostly, profound insight can contribute to that and most people are so far away from what deep insight consists of that its occurrence is quite a rarity. Most of what we think is a rehash and reshuffling of what has been absorbed before, with some (rearrangements which we take as being substantial).
      It’s not just being a vessel for the universe (without a personal stamp) whatsoever! One can, for example, such as i do, have a lot of very dynamic and interesting hobbies and engage with them often. One, however, who transcends a superficial sense of self, can often discover things far beyond the realm of the ordinary, and they can be the most phenomenal discoveries ever (far more exciting than going to the moon or stumbling upon a treasure of diamonds). Plus, there is no end — and that’s the beauty of it — to real learning; it’s not ever like one can say “I have attained everything and don’t need to learn and be inquisitive any longer.”
      It’s a dynamic, living thing! 🙂


    • Yes, exploring and understanding “Mind” is most important. 🙂
      So-called outer space is another story. Far too many scientists, these days, are puppets of the government, and they talk much about colonizing inhospitable planets, such as Mars, while not focusing enough about solutions for the environment here where the Titanic World is sinking.


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