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Mostly Made of Would



Little Miss Could
promised to marry Should
They’d live in a sweet fancy house
mostly made of would

But then she met Why
with a special twinkle in his eye
He visited her ‘most every day
and often made her pie

When Should found out
he began to scream and shout
He demanded that all the pies be trashed
and that instead she eat sauerkraut

Miss Could began to cry
she threw a gigantic pie
It flew in Should’s round pretension
hitting him squarely in the “I”

Mr. Why married Miss Could
right there in the neighborhood
and he baked her plenty of pies
just as she felt he wood



Tiger Swallowtail (i.e., Mrs. Why, stuffed from eating pies!)… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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      • The Swallowtails are so beautiful and delicate – I’ve still only seen Cabbage Whites this year, and probably only three all Summer. We’ve not had a sunny Summer at all; it’s been hot and humid, but not so sunny (in my opinion anyway) and I think this fact has kept those beautiful butterflies away.

      • A lot of it is man’s influence on the environment too. For instance, beautiful Monarch Butterfly caterpillars are dying in our area due to the overuse of overly potent pesticides. I’ll have a post about that in the future (with a photo that — when i took it — made me cry).

  1. Woulda, Coulda, and Shoulda — either an unholy trinity, or the three stooges of life. You decide! It’s a wonderful poem, that I’ve re-read several times. Just delightful. (And, yes: pie over sauerkraut!)


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