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Wishy and Washy were fun-loving gals
     and many folks knew that both were loyal (trueblue) pals

Washy (without Wishy) went to the laundromat (with a basket that she had her clothes in);
     later, the clothes were all swishy and went into full-spin

Wishy, however, was sitting in her comfortable, convenient chair
     pining for great nature photos at which she could stare

So, instead of viewing blog photos of nature (which you often appreciate)
     get over to the clothes-washer and put your laundry in (because it’s getting late)



Purple Wildflowers … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. perhaps wishy, you’d remember the laundry too. wishy is too busy to remember the laundry thus washy is accused of nagging when she reminds wishy (who is looking for bugs or digging in his aquariums) nicely, to bring the last load in from the garage (man cave), the fourth time. love, washy


  2. That put a smile on my face. I know where I am sitting today-with wishy. I do the washy tomorrow. I will have some wildflowers “on the side”, please. Have yourself a good day.


  3. What a gorgeous photo, with an amusing bit of prose to bring a smile. Your words also got me out of my chair and back to the washing machine — I’d forgotten that I’d already put the clothes in to swish, and needed to get them out to dry!


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