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Trying to Get to the Top




                                                                 h $

                                                           top that
                                                       so many are
                                                   struggling to get to

                               Is it worth all of the time & competition?
      Is surpassing and suppressing those below and impressing those above worth it?
When you finally get to the top, is there really genuine happiness there or is it an empty lie?!



Getting to the Top … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. They say it’s LONELY at the top, so be careful of what you do or what you’ve done to get there by any means because you may not be there very long! :-/ Like @sandyjwhite said… “the only way is down!” Whoop, there it is! 😉


  2. So much effort to get to the “top”, whatever that is, only to realize you have by-passed friendships and family and can only say, “Is that all there is?” Take the focus off the top and enjoy the journey. Two bugs describe it well.


  3. First of all, the photograph is fantastic! And your poem is a good reminder that money and power aren’t necessarily the way to a happy, balanced and fulfilling life.


  4. That’s a glorious photo, Tom. And what you say about that struggle to get to the ‘top’ is quite true. We used to sing about “sitting on top of the world,” but that sort of being on top came as a gift, not an achievement.


    • Yes, it isn’t an achievement. It (may) come when all superficial effort, greed, and striving are put aside. But that is much easier said than done. A lot of people have a (fallacious) inner power (of the central, dominating “I”) that runs rampant mentally and that expresses as chaos externally (though unintentionally).


  5. That’s a great photo Tom – it’s like everyone heading up North for the long holiday – this is rush hour on the leaf. 🙂 And that sure is the truth – money and prestige will never bring true happiness. And, you might reach the pinnacle of your career, but it is all for naught if you don’t stop and savor the everyday treasures, the little things in life that just pass you by if you don’t stop striving for sometimes unattainable titles, prestige or money. Also, if you don’t have your health, all the money, prestige and accolades mean nothing as you are not around to enjoy it.


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