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Wordless Wednesday … Not!




?what kind of heathen sacrilegiously writes
on a consecrated,wordless day,
asking us to transcend all of our mindless traditions 



[Note:  Today’s posting was inspired by a comment by a wonderful blogger that i follow who, last Wednesday, in a “Wordless Wednesday” that i posted, graciously commented that my words were missed.  Thank you much, A Curious Introvert !  … and hugs to Cutie Fuzzy Doggy.]

Let’s follow Daddy-Long-Legs … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Seeing the face on a Daddy Long Legs is a first for me. It was good to go to see Wordless Wednesday by A Curious Introvert, it helped to get the context of your writing.


  2. Oh, daddy long legs, where have you been¿. You are a childhood memory climbing into the present. Thank you for bringing him back to life, Tom.


  3. Thanks for ending my day with a big laugh and hugs to fuzzy doggy!😁 Fantastic photo and keep those amazing thoughts and words flowing you wonderful heathen!😁


      • Ha ha – wasn’t “Daddy-O” a beatnik or jazz phrase back in the day? I was not old enough to watch “Dobie Gillis” so where have I heard that term before … the next one you see, that’s its moniker. I can deal with them as their bodies are tiny and they stay in place in a corner. I can deal with jumping spiders (okay, they are so tiny and they hop away); it’s those spiders with the fat bodies and long legs that do me in.

  4. I don’t know where “Daddy-O” came from but it is a beatnik term. I remember Dobie Gillis but that show was far from being one of my favorites.
    Daddy-Long-Legs sure don’t “stay in place” in our yard. They are usually running around all over the place.
    The spiders with the big, fat bodies are harmless. I would walk around a pond where there were tons of them and had them crawling all over me (including my face); they quickly jump off and harmlessly go on their way. 🙂


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