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Global Dragonfly





at the apex of this world’s littleness
perched in a carnivorous bigness
king of his airy domain
making a mockery of mere helicopters and planes

alert rascal of the skies
resting razing beyond gross separative nationality
and manmade stale flags of fabric



Whitetail Dragonfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Unless I miss my guess, your wonderful dragon’s perched on Common Mullein. There’s nothing common about your photo — and I really enjoyed your description of the dragonfly as ‘an alert rascal.’


  2. Nice photo! Had our own sad little story here with another small creature. We found an injured hummingbird in our garage and brought it to a wild life rescue center near us. This was a few days ago, and today I was informed that the bird did not survive.


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