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Sleeping White Tail Dragonfly




What prey are you dreaming about
tonight, my adroit, winged friend?
What shifting air currents
are floating through your
fulfilled, slumbering mind?


[Note:  I was in the woods taking nature pictures and stayed quite awhile.  It started getting dark and as i was leaving i saw a White Tail Skimmer Dragonfly landing low in some wild plants on the forest floor, fortunately.  I knew that that meant it was preparing for sleep (there).  I waited a bit — for it to really dose off —  and then i slowly moved in to photograph it.  Poison ivy was all around me!  Please note how they wrap their legs around plants while in sleep; this stance affords stability for possible upcoming windy conditions.]



Sleeping White Tail Skimmer Dragonfly … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Growing up in the south we used to always see dragonflies everywhere. I do love watching the Common Whitetails in our area flirting around. Makes you wonder what truly goes through their thoughts in times like these. Cool shot Tom! 😉


  2. Nice to learn about their nocturnal habits. I didn’t think to take a picture of the huge dragonfly I rescued from our mist nets this morning. It was pretty cool to hold it while I got the net untangled from its head – not totally unlike extracting a bird!


  3. That’s amazingly up close Tom – hopefully you didn’t come in contact with any of that poison ivy – yikes! My neighbor has some growing on their tree in the front yard, all around the base of the tree. You were in the right place at the right time.


    • No poison ivy on me yet this year, Linda! But the year is not over! Took Marla to the hospital today for Botox injections in her neck (for dystonia) and took pictures along the river (on the Hospital property). A cluster of poison ivy had grown up a tree and then grew down among the tree’s leaves. I almost walked into them… but didn’t. Yikes! 🙂


      • I had actually never seen poison ivy until my neighbor pointed it out and said not to go near it. It is a Maple tree planted by the City two years ago so not very big – they had a dozen to give away and my neighbor snagged one. Before there were a pair of flowering pear trees that split in half during the same windstorm that took my shed off its moorings and made it tumble across the yard (just 39 mph). Those Nike Air Max keep you far enough off the ground and away from the poison ivy hopefully!

  4. Ah — here’s the little beauty you mentioned in your comment on my dragonfly post. It is a gem, for sure. Their behaviors are so interesting, and the details you manage to capture really bring home how complex they are. People often comment on dragonfly eyes, but everything about them is amazing. Wonderful photo!


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