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We need to change our ways but many won’t… and the weather is getting more and more erratic…




It’s a shame that 
others species also
have to suffer
the dire consequences
of global warming and man’s pollution.

When i was a kid,
i realized that, in the future,
we would — in ignorance — 
be fueling our own hell.


Tiny Jewelweed Wildflower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Yes. And even more, that we see the starkly detrimental effects of our, see it everywhere, water, air, land pollution …everywhere… and our current administration elects to politically adgendcize ( Pardon my spelling) its existence for personal gain. It is a damned shame. M 😦


    • Yes, the current U.S. administration is basically doing everything it can to deny what scientists are saying about global warming; the current administration is fundamentally, terrifyingly enough, anti-environment. That is likely partially why one of the most caring and kindhearted of environmentalists, David Attenborough, who is 93 and who has made wonderful nature documentaries for decades, said that he would kill D. Trump if he had the chance.


  2. Tom, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the effects of our carelessness. I got excited when I saw lightning bugs/fireflies in my backyard. I haven’t even seen those pesky Japanese Beetles/June bugs that usually terrorize my foliage around the end of May- the first week in June. If we somehow monetized the environment, then we’d probably see more support and fight for its survival. Daggone shame and disgrace! 😦


    • We had some of the June Bugs but not as many. Maybe the environment is wiping them out too.
      There is a preponderance of people out there, Kym, who just want to continue with the status quo and who don’t care enough about changing things. It is a shame and a disgrace. There used to be certain countries with people that annihilated Jews; now there are countries with people that annihilate nature (and they walk around thinking that they are perfectly OK).


  3. Keep your “light” on Tom. Stay in touch with all the beings we love that visit us day to day and remind us all is not lost. The other night even a lone fire fly flew through to tell me that lol. I’ve been seeing cooperation amongst insects like I’ve never seen before. I’m trying to focus on what I want to see and more fire flies is on my list 🙂


  4. My favorite weatherman just posted a lengthy article on climate change, citing small and large things we humans have done that helped contribute to climate change. I read it and knew about most of the things man has done, but he mentioned the use of nitrous oxide and how it has harmed the atmosphere. Never thought about that as it is not like it is escaping into thin air? He even mentioned his Black-Eyed Susans that bloomed in early August every year since he moved in his house in 1992. In recent yearsy, they bloom a full two weeks earlier. This is a beautiful and vibrant wildflower you’ve captured here Tom and the raised portions on the petals makes it look three-dimensional.


    • Thanks, Linda, about the wildflower and about your concern for the environment. Unending (unnaturally heavy) rain is occurring here now as i am typing this. It is supposed to rain here, our weather report says, for the next five days. It’s another unnatural factor — nitrogen oxide is — and way more needs to be done to eliminate it. Large trucks, however, will not be eliminated (as they are) for a long time, unfortunately. We humans are not fitting in well with what is natural (i.e., with nature).


      • I wish, as I have in the past, that I would have been born in another era, even just two or three decades before I was born (1956). I look around me and just shake my head. This meteorologist has been following climate change for decades now … meteorologically and just observing every day occurrences and noting them. We have not seen water levels like this in 33 years … about six years ago people with boats were complaining there was not enough water in lakes and rivers to enjoy their sport and now they are complaining about lakeshore flooding, dangerous waves. This morning the USCG and police divers are trolling the Detroit River for a 42-year-old woman who jumped in the water near Elizabeth Park (which I often feature in my posts). Others in the boat said she was not intoxicated, just went for a swim, jumped off the boat and got caught up in strong currents … I can’t tell you how many kayakers have had to be rescued recently due to stronger-than-usual currents.

  5. Yes, Linda, i remember you saying that before (about wishing to be in another era). I certainly understand not wanting to be in these insane and polluted times. We are on very thin ice.
    So sad about that woman. We had endless rain last night and are due for rain each and every day through the forecast period. Quite unnatural, i’d say.


  6. Hi Tom I am a poet, published writer and nature lover. I created an anagram that is published title Nature is the NeuArt I too write on my photos up close in nature. RECYCLE check out my bags at where I give 52 cents for every bag sold to a charity!


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