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In the Stark Contrast of Things




In the stark contrast of things
beyond the darkness and light
beyond the good and bad
see something whole glowing beyond mere conflict
beyond the world of the opposites



Mayfly in June … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Excellent! We tend to see a world of opposites (black and white) when it is truly filled with every shade imaginable and beyond imagination.


  2. Very intricate-looking wings you have captured for this little critter Tom. Ours started up last week, especially in St. Clair Shores … their lives are fleeting, just 24 hours and then they’re gone to Bug Heaven.


  3. On my ‘About’ page on my blog, I have a little list of basic life choices, with my preferences. One basic choice I’ve listed is the one between ‘Either/Or’ and ‘Both/And.’ My choice always has been both/and, and your words here reminded me of that.


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