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Miss Snakey




Slithering in this oscillating domain
Feeling it
Breathing it
Loving it
Being an important part of it



[Note:  This is an innocent, non-poisonous Garter Snake.  I am delighted that she has emerged from our sandy soil to spend time around our house!  Such snakes eat mice, rats, and other such vermin.  Too many people foolishly kill snakes whenever snakes are seen.  Snakes are an important part of the beautiful balance of nature.]


Emergent Spring visitor; she must have just come out of the sands after winter dormancy. … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Cute! It makes all the difference, knowing she’s not venomous. I know all creatures have a right to their lives, but venomous snakes are rather hard to understand, love or empathise with.


  2. I’ve seen more snakes this year than ever before — no doubt because I’m out in the wild more, and more observant. These days I count myself lucky when I spot one, although I do “at a distance,” just because I can’t identify them all. I have come to see their little faces as just darned cute — at least, when they’re just cruising around.


  3. Fantastic photograph, Tom! I love snakes and am still waiting our our resident garter snake to emerge. A few years ago I came across a nest full of tiny rubber boas! And you’re right, they are very beneficial to have around!


  4. She’s giving you the eye! “You’re too big – please get out of my face so I can find suitable FOOD!” [GREAT photo detail – can see the sand grit, even.]


  5. Up close and personal with Miss Snakey – you did her proud Tom. I’d still jump back if I saw her though and hope that she did not take it personally!


  6. I love all the snakes, even venomous ones. As you said, they let you know they’re there (in the case of rattlers, anyway). As with all critters, I just leave them be to do their thing.


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