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Of Atheists, Agnostics, Church-goers, Philosophers, and Maytag Repairmen





How important is it to perceive deeply in life?  (Have you ever asked yourself that question?)  Is the essence of all life and existence rather meaningless and superficial, such that no matter how deeply one perceives, it (i.e. such perception) may be essentially a waste of energy in the long run?  Could it be that there is something in life that is immensely profound, such that looking deeply allows great, eternal treasures to manifest and blossom?

A broken mind, a mind crippled by such things as bad dietary habits, poor sleep, and by propaganda media designed to mold minds (for ulterior reasons), of course, would not be able to look deeply (if true depth really exists in the first place).  It would likely be content with living a superficial, second-hand life that would accept within the limits of that superficiality (though, to it, such superficiality would seem plenty deep enough).  Through miseducation, stagnation is often learned, absorbed, clung to, and cherished.

To go through life merely believing in something without ever having actually perceived it (without delusion) is a tragic thing.   A belief that something does not exist, (without ever having perceived wholly), is an equally tragic thing.   Both are — despite people arguing otherwise — empty acceptances.   Stagnant minds cannot perceive because they have been shaped and molded by other minds that (also) are limited.  Minds can change, however; the mind is a dynamic and wonderful thing (if real care is taken).   Stagnation can end.  Contamination can end.

There are plenty of gullible people deluding themselves (and others) about having had experienced something profound or “otherworldly.”  However, i would suggest waking up and discovering and passionately finding out for yourself.   Look with every fiber of energy that you have.  No one else is going to do it for you; that is for sure!  How critical, how important is this “discovering and passionately finding out (for ourselves)” in our lives?   Personally, i feel that it has profoundly immense and eternal consequences.   Of course, there might be a chance that i am very wrong, but find out; there may be real magic out there!


[Note:  Marla is out of the hospital — after her fourth reconstructive shoulder surgery — and is doing well.  I am acting as her nurse and am helping her with enteral feedings and other medical-oriented things.  She is calling me “Nurse Matilda”!   🙂   ]

Miniature Wildflower – Purple Deadnettle (3/4ths of an inch long total for full arrangement)… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I am sure there is real magic out there.
    What an exquisite little wild flower. 🙂
    And I hope that Marla recovers well from her shoulder op. 🙂


  2. I’m glad for the update on Marla. I hope things continue to go well. The flower’s gorgeous. It looks enough like our henbit that I went looking and found it’s a relative of our henbit — same genus, different species.

    As for your title, it made me think of my dad, who was a churchgoer, a bit of a philosopher, and an engineer for — Maytag! I grew up in Newton, Iowa, home of Maytag, so hearing that brand name in any context brings some great memories.
    After all, I did both my swimming and my ice skating at Maytag park!


  3. Well, nurse Matilda, I am glad you are being of assistance to your wife and her recovery. That fits into the subject of deep thinking. It is all very well indeed but remember to just do something. I love your title, by the way.


  4. Admit it Tom, you always wanted to be called Matilda.
    Glad the op went well, hope recovery is quick, and long lasting.
    That flower is really a work of perfection!


  5. Wishing Marla a swift recovery and full use of the shoulder.

    The non-seekers, who allow others to do their deep thinking are likely to remain in their nonsensical bubbles.


  6. Personally, I feel that it has profoundly immense and eternal consequences”. Like what? Not knowing anything no one has ever known seems irrelevant, not emergent. The most interesting search is in our own physiology and neurons.


    • Find out; don’t depend on me or anyone else to tell/show you. Besides, a lot of it (information-wise and otherwise) is not meant to be shared (because a lot of people would misuse it).

      🙂 There is a field beyond the “known” that is wholly relevant; totally remaining in what is merely “knowable” is limited and fragmentary. Neurons have their (important) place but there is intelligence beyond mere knowing and beyond the restructuring of knowledge. So far, human knowledge has not made the world an extremely better place.


      • As it turns out, more and more of what is knowable, metaphysical, spiritual, power, is all in our own heads. I agree that some are attuned differently to the universe than others. I also see unlimited power of hormones and feeling that are easily manipulated by a question, or a feel good story which is often a lie. You are spot on finding out for yourself. No one is to be trusted. Bias and the foibles if perception is every single human.

  7. Yes, Jim, i understand what you mean by that metaphysical, spiritual stuff being “in our own heads.” It’s way more than that though… and one could show you tangible things that are indicative of it not being merely limited in that way. However, i do not think that it (i.e., such showing) would be wise. Again, find out for yourself. Yes, no one is to be trusted (including me). Yes, distortion is so very easy and pretty much each and every one of us is living in (and “as”) immeasurable distortion. Most people just do not realize the extent of distortion that they are (in). Being beyond distortion is essential. 🙂


  8. Tom, I hope your wife gets better soon. I often wonder if the depth of perception that is given to me might be too deep for the general population. Don’t mean to differ my self for any means, but I its hard to feel, interpret, see so much that others have no idea about, even when I explain, they seem aloof. So your question left me pondering, again. Perhaps ignorance is bliss… perhaps depth is a blessing of knowing. Perhaps there are many, many faces of truth that is different for every human being. Perhaps there is no right or wrong. Perhaps, we will find out when we enter other realms….


    • There are no other realms. Here is what matters now. Depth of perception is never too deep. Ignorance, in the sense that we are talking about, is never bliss. Such ignorance is destroying the world, putting $ first, supporting discrimination, indifference, and selfishness at the expense of others. Depth (at least substantial depth), i feel, is never a blessing of mere knowing. That “there is no right and wrong,” that there are multiple philosophies that each may be legitimately valid, is an old philosophical theory that has been proven to have many serious flaws.
      It’s a nutty world out there; staying sane is a real art! 🙂
      Thanks, Luda, regarding Marla! 🙂


      • Yes she is stoic … in many ways Marla reminds me of my mother with so many different medical issues going on (as if one medical problem was not enough). Good that Marla is improving … she has a good nurse to aid in her recovery! 🙂

      • I’m very sorry about what happened to your mother. Your mother raised you with love (which is a lot more than many get to experience in this crazy world). Too many people suffer way more than a fair share. Marla has many more health issues than i’ve mentioned. We must go on intelligently despite the difficulties.

  9. Thanks Matilda 🙂 makes you sound formidable! Yes, we must take notice and be self-aware.


  10. I was just thinking about Martha when I was reading your last piece. Glad to hear she is back out of the hospital. Hopefully, this will be the last surgery?


  11. Hi Tom;

    Even in your remarks, I find myself shaking my head in agreement with just about everything you’ve said here. Knowledge not backed by experience, is a ruthless mistress! I notice the date here is late May. Will we be hearing from you soon? I’m finding intelligence directing related to blogging frequency. Am I wrong?


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