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One Multiple Now




One multiple now at the opening of all why
blossomed out because
beyond reasons

Echoing spritely
time and time again
outside when’s known seasons




Mushroom Time … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I have a friend given to using the modern expression, “Because reasons.” I like your version: “Beyond reasons.”


  2. The reason for the season of ‘shrooms is all this pesky rain! You sure did capture a crop of mushrooms in this shot Tom.


      • They all looked so uniform as well. I’ve never seen mushrooms that tall as my Park is not woodsy enough to have mushrooms growing that large. Now that they’ve trimmed back bushes and trees, it is even lighter so less mushroom, though I shouldn’t say that after we have an entire week of rain, no telling where mushrooms will be growing.

      • Well that is good to know as well – we have enough to worry about here now that our state has legalized pot. Pot is not as bad as the other drugs of course, but we’ve already had our first fatality of a pedestrian from a hit-and-run driver under the influence. Plus he left the scene on top of it. Walking in the neighborhood seems riskier every day – besides looking around for nature things to enjoy, I must have my eyes and ears in tune with everything else non-nature.

      • Grass, like all drugs, is an escape. Like all drugs, it is a rollercoaster ride that never makes one truly and lastingly happy. In India, where people smoke hash a lot, people who were on it and who died and then had autopsies, had shrunken brains. People will drive while using it — because a lot of people are inconsiderate and stupid — and lives will be lost, more so than if people did not use it. So, really, it is no natural miracle drug. Medical use, like with CBD (which is not hallucinogenic), is another story. Illinois will likely be legalizing pot soon and, like similar states, traffic deaths will increase.

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