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Hoping You Have a Great Holiday Season!



I will likely not have time, the next few days, to be corresponding with people and/or visiting peoples’ blogs.  My wife, Marla, is (again) having complicated reconstructive shoulder surgery and i’ll be too preoccupied with that; my blogs will continue, as they have been prescheduled (as they usually are).  Marla requires extra help, nutritionally, with enteral tube feedings to her stomach, which she must always have due to complications from a prior neck surgery; most of the nurses in hospitals, believe it or not, are inexperienced with proper enteral tube feeding. 


[Eternity is all around us.]


Together we
made a smiling snowman
(in magic, and he is we)
danced around

And when he melts
to those very last

(of who we are)
he’ll be back again some day




Melting Away … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Tom, thoughts are with Marla and wishes that all will go well! Happy Holidays (Merry XMas and a Happy New Year) to the both of you. Warmest regards!


  2. Best wishes to you, Tom, and to Marla. Sounds like quite a challenging time. Holding you both in positive thought for smooth surgery and speedy recovery. Thank you for the many gifts you share here! 🙂


  3. Sending every good wish for safe and effective surgery for Marla, and a speedy recovery. I hope the season is filled with good things for you and Marla, and for all who are part of your extended family.


  4. Blessings and healing to you both! Shoulders can heal ( I speak sfter five surgeries) where there is love and compassion, and you have both in profusion, Tom


  5. I wish your wife a speedy recovery and the peace that comes to a husband and wife who weather a health challenge together. .


  6. I am very moved by your words, Thomas and your poem. I wish you that Marla will recover soon and that you will have a Merry Christmas inspite of this. Best wishes from Hamburg, Mitza – also to the birds


  7. Sending wishes for your wife to have a speedy recovery, Tom. As well as all the best wishes for a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and the happiest holidays!


  8. Best wishes on Marla’s shoulder surgery and for both of you Tom to get through it … here’s to healing, a Merry Christmas and a healthy new year.


  9. I hope everything went well with your wife’s surgery, Tom! ((hugs)) Take care of you and yours. We’ll be waiting! 🙂


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