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A little Snowball Wish (to you)…




A little happy Snowball Wish
around the corner’s edge of time
past spring and summer
though glidingly bringing rhyme



This is a photo of some of my pet Snowball Shrimp.  The females carry white, round eggs that look like snowballs.   The shrimp in the foreground is carrying fertilized eggs.  The shrimp in the background is carrying eggs that have not been fertilized and are positioned higher up in her body (looking like a saddle); such females are called “Saddled” females.   Happy Holidays!    

Neocaridina Snowball Shrimp with Eggs … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






Hoping You Have a Great Holiday Season!



I will likely not have time, the next few days, to be corresponding with people and/or visiting peoples’ blogs.  My wife, Marla, is (again) having complicated reconstructive shoulder surgery and i’ll be too preoccupied with that; my blogs will continue, as they have been prescheduled (as they usually are).  Marla requires extra help, nutritionally, with enteral tube feedings to her stomach, which she must always have due to complications from a prior neck surgery; most of the nurses in hospitals, believe it or not, are inexperienced with proper enteral tube feeding. 


[Eternity is all around us.]


Together we
made a smiling snowman
(in magic, and he is we)
danced around

And when he melts
to those very last

(of who we are)
he’ll be back again some day




Melting Away … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Happy Holidays!



Special Note:   Happy Holidays to everyone worldwide!


We sure hope that the coming new year brings, with it, more sense and more compassion in people.  People, unfortunately, are very gullible and it is easy for the fat-cat bureaucrats to get people to believe just about anything.  Please do not get all wrapped up in belief; please intelligently go beyond all belief and tradition-oriented presumption.  Do not ever merely believe what i write within this blog; i do not wish to be your authority.  (There are plenty of charlatans out there who will gladly be your authority, if that is what you wish.)  Each one of us has to deeply question things and look beyond all of the propaganda.  If the world has any hope at all, we need to go beyond the ruts that we are mindlessly entrenched in.  Governments that rob the poor to feed the filthy rich (and that neglect environmental health and global unity) need to be radically questioned/altered.  The world is very small and fragile and it will not last — in its balance naturally as it has — if we continue to lack seriousness and continue to act with negligence regarding the delicate whole.   Despite what you were “taught,” you may not be anything separate from all of the fragile creatures and humans of this planet; it may be that you are them.  If you do not care — and continue reacting as the fat-cat bureaucrats want you to — it may be like the right hand not at all caring about the left hand (and thinking it is separate).  

Alleged saying of Jesus… from the ancient Nag Hammadi Gospel of Thomas (that the hierarchical fat-cats rejected):

Jesus said:  “The dead are not alive, and the living will not die. During the days when you ate what is dead, you made it come alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? On the day when you were one, you became two. But when you become two, what will you do?”


Do not ever think that you are something separate.  Wash clean of cold deception, false accumulation, and dead tradition.

Mostly alone… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017