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They Better Not Try To Fool My Heart





They better not try to fool my heart
because they’d be wasting their time
There are plenty of other lost causes out there
whom they can easily fool

They better not try to harden my heart
because they’d be pounding on the wrong chest
There are endless cold cadavers around the globe
who would gladly help with the cruel beating

They better not pave the path to “truth”
because i have seen where their deception leads to
There are plenty of eager path-makers out there
though no path in time ever leads to the timeless



Shadow of a doubt … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018





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  1. I like that “plenty of path-makers” to follow. I used to do a lot of cross country hiking, and the times I’ve found myself at my best, was being where no one else has been…


  2. They better not try to harden my heart
    because they’d be pounding on the wrong chest…i like these lines tom


  3. Best to steer clear of any path claimed to be THE path …
    Intriguing image! Bet you weren’t on any prescribed path when you came upon this opportunity.


  4. Very clever and nice to see the sun and a shadow – I embraced that sun as well, even though it was a short-lived occurrence unfortunately. Sigh.


      • That is the most idyllic setting – I spent most of this weekend out walking and taking photos … we had a rare two days in a row with the sun shining. It was bitter cold though, but no precip which was fine with me. I saw swans, geese and lots of ducks – I will write about this couple later … they had small buckets of dried corn and were feeding the ducks, some were Pekin ducks, mostly Mallards and many huge ducks. They nuzzled against the woman’s knees and she was reaching down to pet them as they were so close to her. It warmed my heart. Then she said they eat and run and go to the water to preen. I watched them waddle away, and then I was telling them about the squirrels and Parker, and the ducks either got confused and though the couple just showed up, or it would be worth their while to come back … they all waddled back and the couple fed them again. πŸ™‚

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