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They Better Not Try To Fool My Heart





They better not try to fool my heart
because they’d be wasting their time
There are plenty of other lost causes out there
whom they can easily fool

They better not try to harden my heart
because they’d be pounding on the wrong chest
There are endless cold cadavers around the globe
who would gladly help with the cruel beating

They better not pave the path to “truth”
because i have seen where their deception leads to
There are plenty of eager path-makers out there
though no path in time ever leads to the timeless



Shadow of a doubt … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018






Truth, security, and the eternal…



In great humility, there is an emptiness that exists beyond the “me” and “mine.”  That emptiness is, in actuality, the absence (i.e., the non-existence) of the “me.”  “Mostpeople” would feel frightened about the psychological absence of the “me,” or even about the possibility of the psychological absence of the “me.”  To “mostpeople,” it would seem to be an “insecurity” to go beyond the “me” or beyond the supposedly “controlling center.”   However, for the (truly) wise man, mere security is not a factor… truth is a factor.  To the wise man (or woman), it is truth that is where the real beauty, the real treasure, exists.  

Many years ago, in the early ’70s, when i was in my 4th year of college, i read an article about split-brain operations and how these surgical operations resulted in two totally separate fields of consciousness in one human being.  Reading about how the corpus callosum could be surgically severed, resulting in two distinct, separate fields of consciousness — with each not knowing what the other was doing — pulled one even further away from the ancient orthodoxy that so many of us were indoctrinated by.  It was back then that my insatiable quest for truth began (in the deepest sense), though even when one was much younger one still saw through a lot of the madness and falsities in the things that they tried to indoctrinate into us.  Real humility occurs when the mind intelligently doubts and asks profound questions without relying on what one’s family or culture provides as the truth.  If one largely relies on what one’s family or one’s culture has provided, it reflects a form of arrogance (which is far from true humility); one’s family and culture can, indeed, be a component or facet of oneself and, for sure, being certain of their validity is — in a big way — just a form of self-admiration and arrogance.  Intelligent doubt goes beyond all this.  Such intelligent doubt reflects the way Albert Einstein discovered things, by wisely questioning many things that were taken for granted as facts. Albert Einstein understood what it meant to “stand alone.”   To really inquire into that which is truly sacred, immeasurable, timeless and uncontaminated, one must, of course, do it with an instrument (i.e., a mind) that is itself uncontaminated.  It absolutely must be untainted, healthy, uncorrupt… that instrument (i.e., that true mind of inquiry).  That, then, means no belief, no arrogant assumptions about the validity of one’s own faith, religion, culture, family creeds, and spiritual blueprints; so it means no beliefs or presumptions.  However, “mostpeople” are totally unwilling to be that way.  They want the comfort and security of “knowing.”  It can be the “knowing” of others that they absorb and take on for themselves… it doesn’t matter.  However, it may be that the real quest for truth lies beyond security and “knowing.”  That is why so few ever come upon that real treasure. 

Standing alone (without depending on others), going beyond the crowd, understanding the mind, going beyond mere images of the “me” and “I” — and mere images and learned concepts is all that they really are — may seem like abandoning security.  However, a truly wise mind, that transcends beyond beliefs, realizes things that involve the only real treasure.  That treasure has an essence of real eternity, immensity, and bliss in it (that “mostpeople,” unfortunately, have no clue about whatsoever).  The scientists were, as it turns out, likely right about one thing; they said:  Reality is probably radically different (i.e., far different) from what most of us assume it to be.




Crab Spider blending in (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Crab Spider blending in (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017


Comparison and Imitation dull the Mind…



Comparing yourself to others is a two-fold process that usually involves measurement and techniques (involving duality) that are superfluous (and that may very well dull the mind).  If many are immersed in dull habits, superficial behaviors, and limited perspectives, comparing yourself with them and then emulating them may, indeed, tend to make the mind act (i.e., react) similarly.  Indifference, seen as normal and ordinary, easily breeds more indifference.  A unique person, beyond all the lemmings, perceives beyond mere comparison and imitation; such a person is more inherently free (than those who merely absorb, internalize, swallow, and imitate the behaviors of others).  Those who lazily internalize all of society’s values and traditions are not free (though they may, as a reaction, insist that they are); they are secondhand shadows of antiquated authority, old habits, and primitive patterns of the past.  It’s easy to be secondhand.  Then you don’t have to think or feel.

Very many compare, imitate, copy, fit in, get comfortable, stagnate, presuppose things that were poured into them, and do not ask deep questions.  Why?  The man or woman who truly goes beyond all of this may not merely be some dishonest, mischievous rogue, but (rather) may be a profoundly insightful, majestic, free, independent, and truly compassionate person.  True compassion, true order, has little to do with following old authority, following stale customs, or following dead rules.  Real order isn’t what merely occurs from comparing oneself to others and imitating others; real order comes from that timeless (i.e., eternal) action that is not mere reaction.  

Away from the crowd. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Away from the crowd. (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Away from the crowd. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Away from the crowd. (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


Order of the mind…



Order of the mind is a sane, truly intelligent person’s responsibility.  Real order involves integrity and purity.  How can the mind remain pure if it is merely sullied by the old-fangled values and archaic systems of the past?  One must have a clear, untarnished mind.  For that to occur, it may be that one’s mind must be open, young, and beyond mere influence.  Only profound silence beyond old systems and methods can do that.  That means not merely depending on others.  That means not merely depending on inner thoughts… that were likely implanted in one by (and “as”) others.  That means not merely depending upon time.  (Psychological and so-called spiritual methodologies — dreamed up by man — stem from the past and require time.)  Timelessness involves existing beyond one’s inner conditioning (a conditioning that is the accumulation and extension of the old patterns of others).  Most of us habitually depend upon others; most of us are afraid to stand empty, alone, and open.  “Standing alone” goes beyond psychological security and imitation.  Many go through life imitating and copying; fear has a lot to do with it.   For many, it is far easier to copy others and “go through the motions,” rather than to independently perceive and think for themselves.  (And their so-called leaders are often mentally unsound.)  Too many of us are second-hand human beings.

Real perception, empathy, and compassion, emanates from a superb, selfless mind that is beyond mere imitation and dependence.  Real compassion comes from the heart; it does not emerge from a robotic mind that merely imitates and follows orders.  In real compassion comes real action (not just reaction).  Reaction belongs to imitating, conditioning, and second-hand minds (many of whom are indifferent and puppet-like).

Red-Spotted Purple (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Red-Spotted Purple (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Red-Spotted Purple (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Red-Spotted Purple (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016


So many… dwelling in the past…



A brain that is constantly and habitually churning along as symbolic thoughts and recalled patterns — as most brains, unfortunately, are — is a brain that may be (within its own superficial and limited framework) satisfied and content.  However, such a brain is always (in one form or another) an extension from (and “as”) the absorbed and learned past; being from the past, it always has (and is constituted of) elements of what is inherently old.  Be that constantly — if you wish — but be aware of the possibility that the past is usually rather stale, second-hand, and musty; it is not the fresh, new, spontaneous, living now.

The patterns of the past can help us, at times, to avoid danger and to get food, clothing, shelter (and health) in ways that are easier and proven to be fruitful.  However, to carry patterns of the past — reacting over and over again — in (and “as”) our minds, unceasingly, may not be prudent or “alive” in the least.  If you are a good (and sane) gardener, you don’t take the hoe into your living room at night and continue hoeing.  Similarly, a mind that uses thoughts (which are symbolic tools) endlessly — as so many foolishly do — is rather absurd.  It is ludicrous to be like a broken record, repeating things over and over (even if it is somewhat rearranged).  Who can profit from merely existing in the past?  No one can, and no one should.  Little wonder why so many get bored and need to go on finding exciting things “out there,” as if true happiness lies outside of oneself.

We can, not merely to get or attain anything, just be quiet — at times throughout the day or night — not needing to robotically (constantly) function as thoughts (all of which are merely symbols).  Then real, joyful, insightful life might actually happen, and not merely some old, stale representations and dead tokens from (and “as”) the past.   There is no legitimate technique or methodology to go beyond these thoughts; any technique or method is an extension of the absorbed patterns and — as such — is essentially fallacious.  

It's OK to be eating our day-lilies! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It’s OK to be eating our day-lilies! (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It's OK to be eating our day-lilies! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

It’s OK to be eating our day-lilies! (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016






Truth is one of the most important things in life — truth matters — because without it, falsity reigns supreme in the dead mind.  A mind of deception is in (and of) the cadaverous fallacious.  So many separate groups and tribes of this little globe (and of so many similar, numerous globes) claim to bestow the truth to their members.  Profound truth, however, does not belong to any tribe, or group, or leader, and cannot be told.  Truth is too profound to be possessed by the indifferent masses; and the masses are often (externally and internally) in conflict — via their separative countries, borders, religions, leaders of friction, fears and perceptions involving distance from others — which is not truth.  Profound truth exists beyond mere symbols, separations, tribes, and conflict.  It cannot merely be handed over to another like a secondhand pair of pants.  Truth is a beautiful blessing, a living dynamic which cannot be achieved by mere effort (like some kind of dead trophy).  There are no steps to profound truth, for profound truth is not a dead, stagnant thing (like some static point on an inert map).  It comes not to any unmoving (so-called) separate center or internal agency of manipulation.  Truth’s beauty transcends space and time and mere sequential experience as patterns.

 Anemone-like (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Anemone-like (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

 Anemone-like (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Anemone-like (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016



A deceitful, twisted, distorted mind, unfortunately, does not perceive the truth. An honest, direct, undistorted mind…



A deceitful, twisted, distorted mind, unfortunately, does not perceive the truth.  An honest, direct, undistorted mind runs parallel with the truth.

[Wild Fox Grape vine; this particular plant is dazed and confused!]

Foolish and confused!  Photo by Thomas Peace 2014

Foolish and confused! Photo by Thomas Peace 2014


Meditation: How not to Meditate


from Thomas Peace

True meditation is not something that one can know that one is engaged in.  Like humility, true meditation occurs to the mind unawares; it is not something that can be recognized.  One can not “know” that one is humble.  Likewise, one cannot “know” that one is meditating. True meditation and true humility are both beyond the field of “the known.”  Therefore, both are beyond the realm of recognition by the self; for recognizing is in the field of “the known,” whereas humility and meditation are of “understanding” and not “knowing.”

To practice meditation is folly.  For one cannot practice what is beyond causality.  One can practice what is within a cause and effect continuum — such as learning to play a man-made instrument — but true meditation is an all-encompassing, non-conditioned, non-fragmentary thing.  Therefore, it is beyond the realm methodology within phenomena involving common causality.  Interestingly, a lot of people claim that they practice a form of meditation.  However, true meditation, being beyond what can be mechanically “practiced” within causality, does not exist for such erroneous individuals.  You can practice something rather dead and mechanical… but you can’t practice “aliveness,”  “awareness,” “insightful compassion,” and “holistic understanding”… and that (despite what many so-called experts say) is what meditation may really involve.

A wise, sagacious mind is (in itself) meditation.  However, such meditation is not something that it practices as part of some methodology.  A wise, sapient mind goes beyond the clutches of practice and methods… because such a mind intelligently goes beyond the field of the “known.”  Such a mind goes beyond the realm of mere symbols and representations that words and labels are a part of.  Such a mind goes beyond mere symbols… but not by any process of practice or methodology.  True insight is instantaneous: no time is involved for it to (finally) come about.  All methods and forms of practice take time.  A wise mind (of true meditation) exists beyond what takes time in order to manifest.  Interestingly, true meditation, being beyond mere practice and being beyond mere methods… is, in a significant way, beyond the causality of time.

Beware of those charlatans who offer a concrete form of meditation to you (for you to practice).  What they give you may make you feel happy or comfortable for a limited time. However, what is not true meditation is merely a crutch.  It is not the indelible gem of many indescribable facets.  So, regarding those that offer you some form of methodology or prayer to attain enlightenment: run from them and do not fall into their clutches.  Meditation is only what can occur for the individual of (and by) his (or her) own accord.  It is a harmony that others cannot bestow upon you.  Read my book (about self-awareness) at  The book will not provide you with mechanical methods to practice (like some kind of robot); it will not give you methodologies to follow like some kind of lemming.  It will, however, encourage you to wake up and realize that what you do in infinitely important.  However, if you are merely a “follower” and a lemming, then what you do will always be limited and confined.  True meditation never blossoms forth from what is always merely limited and confined.  True meditation is an explosion of infinite awareness and understanding… an awareness and understanding that no one can merely regulate out to you.

from Emily Dickinson:

A COUNTERFEIT — a plated Person —

I would not be —

Whatever strata of Iniquity

My Nature underlie —

Truth is Good Health — and Safety, and the Sky,

How meager, what an Exile — is a Lie,

And Vocal — when we die —


Warm Regards,

Thomas Peace (author)

Photograph of Butterfly by Thomas Peace copyright 2012

Photograph of Butterfly by Thomas Peace copyright 2012


Beyond the Orthodox


Love and be the whole miracle of life… not limited, dead concepts and systems.

Intelligence goes beyond the boundaries of “them” and “us” and dissolves them forever.

It is easy to get lost in the shuffle.

A passionless mind is dead before it ever gets to the grave.

Anything, even a heartless machine, can exist as what it was programmed to exist as.

Separation (from others, for instance) is as a death.

You are responsible for the whole of life, because the whole of life is you.

True beginnings are entwined with (and engaged to) true endings.

The book, which I recently wrote, cannot fail, because even if you do not like it (which is highly unlikely)… it will have succeeded; it can only fail if you think that it is of the “languid orthodox” and that it is cherished by the “numb status quo”… and that cannot ever happen.

Regarding what most of the ungracious masses of separative people have unceasingly clung to:                              it doesn’t ring true.

Fly like a free Swallowtail…  please do not cling to the stagnant flypaper of orthodoxy along with so many others.

Regarding my (i.e.,Thomas Peace’s) book please click on:

from Emily Dickinson:

THE BUTTERFLY upon the Sky,
That doesn’t know its Name
And hasn’t any tax to pay
And hasn’t any Home
Is just as high as you and I,
And higher, I believe,
So soar away and never sigh
And that’s the way to grieve —

Macro-photography pic taken by Thomas Peace:


Holistic Truth


I feel that what is important in life… is understanding.  For understanding is life, not something divorced from it.  If you merely look in a second-hand way — that is, according to accumulations and formulated systems/patterns that were handed down to you — then you likely will be far from being a mind that is truly alive and supple.  What is truly alive and supple is not ever the result of rigid, traditional, habitual formulations.  If you follow a rigid, fixed path… you might find comfort, but you will not be what directly perceives truth, and you likely will not be what discovers deep mystery.  That deep mystery is too alive and unconstrained to be able to be touched by what is second-hand, premeditated, and stale. No dead, fabricated path can lead to (or hold) what is true and what is truly living.

Please read my new book, but please do not cling to it.  People who cling to books, to systems, to traditions, to methodologies (in the realm of the psychological and spiritual) are often like flies that get stuck onto stagnant flypaper.  They end up being embedded in the conclusions of others, and there they are forever stuck… not ever realizing, for themselves, what true freedom is.  So please do not turn my book into something to cling to and to help one become “stuck” (to conclusions about life).  Please use my book as a tool for questioning.  Question yourself about how others may have indoctrinated you and molded you to become part of what is rigid, second-hand, and obsolete.

Please wisely go beyond my book and beyond me.  I, Thomas Peace, am not what is important and I am not what you need to focus on.  You are what is important… and you may be so much more than what the supposedly sophisticated intellectuals have told you what you are.  Please go beyond what the cultural pundits have shoveled to you.  Please share my book with others… not to get them to come to presumptions… not to affix more humdrum ideas into their minds — and, it seems, most all the orthodox ideas are rather “humdrum” — but to invite them to prudently question things for themselves.  This questioning may help them to live peacefully and holistically beyond dead conceptualizations, and to fly free (from being secure in the wretched, flat flypaper of stale conclusions).  Please learn, for yourself (and not merely from others) about soaring and flying in true freedom.  Please do not remain embedded in the old, humdrum patterns that the languid status quo adheres to.

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In an indirect way, it may be like drinking directly from the Grail cup itself.