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Halloween Dream Time (Part 2)




The skull of my face
      is back again
      to pull you in
      as such a friend

The face of my skull
      with all its might
      will wrap you up
      and squeeze you tight



Tiger Spider Argiope trifasciata (revisiting) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




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  1. Well Happy Halloween Tom and this is the last post I shall read tonight – if I go into my room and a spider shall be in the corner of the room, I will put my pillow over top of the laptop and lay my head down on the kitchen table as you have put the fear of God in me. 🙂 With all the rain we’ve had, I’m scan every room for creepy crawlies when I enter it.


      • My mom used to preach “they are more afraid of you then you are of them” and I always begged to differ with her. I have found three medium-sized centipedes upstairs in the hall this past week and that huge one downstairs – I left him there and likely won’t go into the laundry room til the rain is over. I think it is this incessant rain bringing them all in. It has been raining here since very early this morning and will last into the evening.

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