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(In this Halloween Month of October) You Are What You Eat!




Here’s a cozy little poem for you in this Halloweenish time of year:


Sleep well tonight my little darlings
    Here’s a little factoid to dream about tonight…
Scientists say that people 
    during sleep
each swallow an average of 
    around 8 spiders yearly

A nice warm dark moist place to visit
   Bon Appetit!   



It’s not little spiders that will really harm you and your children, it’s miseducated, traditional, ordinary people who let the environment go to hell.



Spider on Wildflower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Sometimes they bite your feet while your sleeping too! I’ve had that happen. Beautiful spider photo and message.


  2. Now I’m scared to go to bed. Not just from reading this post, but this morning I got up, and I have an old computer in my room I use for photos and scanning and I use it to check in at work in the morning before I go out on my walk. I plunked down on the uncomfortable little stool and I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was a centipede. It’s a low stool and I am 5′ 9″ tall – it’s usually a little difficult to jump out of the stool, but I was up and away from the table in 1 second at the most. I ran for a shoe to swat it. Sorry, I can’t keep it alive and cart it outside – I’d have a heart attack, if I had to touch it. I missed. I heard it say “Yay!” and it ran under the dresser. I said “please come out – I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” An hour later I saw a centipede running on the carpet in the hall – I told myself it has to be the same one, but who knows? I am surprised with all the rain we’ve had there have not been more. No, I didn’t stop to take a picture of it … not that brave. 🙂


      • No, it was a centipede Tom, but a fat one and dark looking body. I’m okay with millipedes – they still have all the legs but they don’t move as fast. Those long legs on the centipedes and they run like the wind just leave me hyperventilating sometimes.

  3. Yes, we understand! They are rather intimidating. On a more positive note, i really don’t think that spiders, centipedes or anything else similar, for that matter, are foolish enough to inadvertently fall down someone’s throat at night. We heard about it on a television show (and it probably is just utter nonsense). They just are not that stupid! 🙂


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