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An Approaching Halloween Dream will Be You Tonight…




A Halloween colored dream
came swimming beyond scream
and then a cruel green witch flew by
if you know what i mean




One of our pet Koi Angelfish:

Fire Red Koi Angelfish … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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      • They are beautiful to watch – my dentist used to have a tank in his waiting room and it was a very large tank and I enjoyed watching his tropical fish each time I went there – probably they were used to calm patients before a visit. He developed a neurological disease and couldn’t stand up anymore so sold his practice and just teaches now. The dentist who bought his practice no longer had the fish; perhaps the dentist took them home. My current dentist has video games in his waiting room and a wide-screen TV. I would rather look at fish. That Angel Fish iss a beauty..

  1. Like some of your other commenters, I had no idea there was a koi angelfish. It is beautiful, and halloweenish in the extreme!


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