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4mm Aphids on a Wild Burr Cucumber Plant




Our diminutive world
is far different from your “big” world
but we are doing pretty darn good 



4mm Aphids living upon a Wild Burr Cucumber Plant.

Small Aphids on a Wild Burr Cucumber Plant … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



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  1. You’re a generous host. My aphids have a flight booked for tomorrow if you’re accepting guests. Nicely photoed—Peace


  2. What did you do – feed the aphids Wonder Bread? Just kidding, I know it is up close and amazing the “fur-like” covering on the plant, which you can see if you look at it, those fine little hairs, but they look so thick here.


      • Tom – I used that Wonder Bread reference as I am 62 and grew up hearing the Wonder Bread commercials too … I knew you would have heard them growing up. I just Googled and yes, Wonder Bread is still out there in “Classic White”. We never had it when I was growing up as my mom said it was “gummy” so we never bought it. I have not eaten white bread in years, except for that piece of baguette I had a few months ago. I love bread, it is my downfall … I buy the “Dave’s Killer Bread” when it is on sale … it is wonderful but way too $$$.

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