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What are they feeding us?




They provided us with delectable ideas

which our minds assimilated like gluttons.
We, of course, became hungry for more.
Our ravenous appetites drove us
to the next serving… and to the next.
One palatable idea after another
is what we craved; anything other
than facing the starvation of the
emptiness within.
True intelligence can only, for a
limited time, feast on the illusions they
provide.  After

that limitation is reached, real
sustenance breaks free beyond
their insipid inedibilities.
Will habit continue to feast on delicacies
of disorder?  Even the supermarkets are
full of the artificial.
It’s good to eat healthy, whole,
nourishing food.
It’s not so good to allow oneself
to be conditioned to merely
swallow a lot of mindless crap.


[Note:  These are not the kind of eggs that you can purchase at the supermarket.  These are 1 millimeter insect eggs on a leaf.   Note the orderly patterns in which they were laid.]

Tiny insect eggs on a leaf… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


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  1. Or, as the computer programmers used to say (and still may say), “Garbage in, garbage out.” The photo’s so interesting — what is the singular little dried up globe at the left? Is that a different form of the eggs (perhaps an older one that dried up) or something else entirely? You may not know, of course: there are mysteries in this world.


  2. Some great points about the “food” we are blindly eating. I like your picture too, very orderly insects just how I like them 🙂


  3. We seem to be eliminating more and more fiber (moral fiber) from our daily diets and choose to eat the ever popular processed food (lies and deceit) instead (no matter how spiritually, mentally, ethically or physically wrong it is). Nice pearly eggs by the way! 🙂


  4. Looks amazing, the eggs’ pattern on the leaf. A bit it reminded me of the bees’ honeycomb cells, similarly orderly and… impressively beautiful! I wish I could take a photo of such a lovely pattern some time. 🙂


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