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Praying Mantis




As if he crawled
      out from M.C.Escher’s Dream Woodcut
      he watches the camera 
      and the camera manipulator
      waiting for
      the aloneness
      that he cherishes and lives by 
      beyond mere supplication



Praying Mantis Hanging Around… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




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  1. The aloneness that he cherishes – your words honor the privacy briefly interrupted. Great photo – “hanging around” indeed! You have a good eye (and a little luck?) to spot this.


  2. On a recent walk on our road, my oldest daughter found a praying mantis sitting on the road. Concerned for its safety, she picked it up and placed it gently on her shoulder. The mantis remained there for the entire walk (about one half hour). When we got home she placed it in our garden.


  3. I saw a couple in my backyard after cutting some low hanging branches, while mowing my grass a few weeks ago. I haven’t seen many this year. Great shot Tom! 🙂


  4. Talk about blending into the background! I have never seen a praying mantis before, so this is a first for me. Plus a nice poem to boot!


  5. Tom, I have a favor to ask. A fellow blogger likes dinosaurs and I sent her the link I sent you about the dinosaur footprints. I told her about your dinosaur tooth post. I looked for a search feature on your blog, could not find one, so thought I would ask if you could send me the link to that post, when you get a chance of course. Thanks!


  6. Your words are beautiful. I have always been apprehensive of these creatures. I don’t know why exactly…..but their mating habits do seem to substantiate my fears. But, nonetheless, a lovely image as well.


  7. Your photo’s beautifully detailed, and interesting. I heard quite a discussion last weekend about the advisability of moving these creatures if one’s found on a hummingbird feeder. Apparently they’re fearless enough to take on a hummingbird — it’s hard for me to imagine, but there’s a lot in nature I never imagined until I started looking around.


    • They “know” to hang around flowers to get the nectar-eaters but i’m sure that most hummingbirds could escape the grips of one. Back when they were more common, i used to pick them up and — once they got used to you — they would enjoy running from hand to hand (repeatedly)… even coming back to your hand when you would then place them back on the ground! The very few “mean” ones would not ever like the hand-game and would cruelly grip the daylights out of you. 🙂


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