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Sweet Little Things Curled Inside the Big Things




Sweet little things curled inside the big things
           Sweet love there between all that hate
           Poor rich things craving even more things
           Overeating many things can’t hold their weight

Wonderful lives beyond thought’s old archives
           Lots of breathing without dead cement 
           Lichens dancing, spiders basking
           Mind with nature beyond malcontent

Wiggly wormies, squiggly squirmies
           Magic mysteries, love all and each
           Wandering moments, joyous laughing
           Holding hands though they say we’re out of reach




Lichens Dancing … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018




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  1. Lichens dancing? To their own beat, no doubt … delightful to consider what might be revealed if lichen were filmed for extended periods. And no two patches would be alike! (“Slow dance” takes on new connotations.)


  2. Great poem – made me smile and the photo was so colorful. It reminds me of pictures you have seen of the Great Barrier Reef coral, before it began slowly losing its colorful character. P.S. … Who knew lichens were so likable?


    • Yes, Linda, viewing them brought out thoughts of Coral Reef in me too! So sad about the real Coral Reefs dying the way that they are. We, as a world people, really need to wake up and go beyond fossil fuels. So sad that leaders, like Trump, are turning their backs on the environment. This poor world is tiny and is sicker than sick! We need to wake up!


      • I agree with you Tom – those Coral Reefs are never going to be the same with the many things that are causing their destruction. For years they thrived and now pollution and bad eco practices will leave them mere shadows of their original glory … if they survive at all. I was horrified to hear Trump had no plans to protect our environment – people can protest all they want about the forests and water and natural beauty and it unfortunately falls on deaf ears.

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