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From: March from a Clockwork Orange




Build a shape of love to him
and truth will come stay with you
Build a way to follow him 
and wind will surely find you

Find in cycle
Wind in air
Cast in our lures
Stand with truth

Love adventure
Follow air
And our lives are to feel
the love



Red Tailed Ichneumon … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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    • Thank you, SB. I am feeling much better. Recently at the cardiologist, he told me (after an EKG) that no heart damage was detected. I have more (extensive) testing on Friday.
      I am not quite ready to get back into blogging yet. This post was inadvertently posted… as it was one that i had put on the backburner — by having (in the past) scheduled it way into the future — and, i see, the future is now. (Incidentally, the future really is now, by the way.)
      I will get back into blogging, but not for a while yet. When i do, it will not be with the intensity (i.e., frequency) of before; i am concerned that people are not deeply serious enough… and sitting at the computer is “not for me these busy, interesting days.” Too many continue to fly in jets or travel on distant “picturesque” vacations (getting so-called good photos) while neglecting the environment and the pollution involved. Then they think they are meditating! It’s ludicrous really. But i’ll get back… because not all of the apples in the bunch are rotten.

      I hope that you are doing well, SB, and thanks for the comment! πŸ™‚


  1. What an absolute thrill to find this post. You’ve been missed. I’ve thought of you so often; I hope all is well with you and your family, and that the wind you wrote about has found you!


      • OK, I understand. Take it slow and easy Tom – nothing much is happening out there as we are still immersed in Winter, then all the torrential rain they are predicting for late March/early April will arrive. This was a boo-boo post escaping prematurely. πŸ™‚ Take care of yourself Tom. P.S. – I am spoiling those squirrels at the park and the house. This morning I shoveled their area where I feed them first to lay down peanuts and some sunflower seeds, and then I could finish shoveling. I turned around and a pair of gray squirrels were sitting there begging, as if to say “did you forget our peanuts? Hurry we’re hungry! “

      • Oh, that is so cute! A little bit north of you and squirrels hibernate for the winter; it’s too cold to forage. We have acorns in our yard that keeps them happy.
        When Tweetie sees me with a bowl of food, she either says “What do you got?” or “What do you have?” She varies with the usage of those two (which is indicative of realizing that different words mean the same thing). And some people still think that they just robotically mimic! πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks much, Susi! I’ll find out more tomorrow (Friday). After my angioplasty, the cardiologist told me that i had minimal damage, so that is good. I hope that you are doing well! I hope that you are on a statin; even though they are not perfect, they do help a lot. I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973, eating organic food and exercising daily. Genetics!!


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