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It is Friday the 13th, and it is very unlucky to remain as illusion…




More, yet again, is presented here on psychological time.  Most of us still function — in the psychological-sense — as if we are in time, as if we are (somehow) something separate from (or apart from) time.  The best scientists, including Albert Einstein, have told us that time and space are not two separate things; they have told us that spacetime is one holistic thing.  Yet we go on in this barbarian, primitive way… acting as if we are merely “in time” and not acting with the intelligence that sees that we are indeed what time is.   The thoughts that we exist as actually exist as networks of neurons and neural components in (and “as”) matter in our brains.  Our thoughts emanate from (and depend upon) a very material process… involving matter.  This matter — this brain oriented matter — must be constituted of physical materials just like what is contained in stars and planets.  This matter is, per se, a form of space.  And space and time are not two separate things; they are one.  They are different in their aspects, but they are one.  We are time (not merely in time).  

Now here is the crux of the matter (that we are pointing to).  Let’s say you wish to (psychologically) “get better” in time.  That distance, that is from where what exists “now” to what “you say you ‘will be'” takes up psychological space.  It is a limited (psychological) space projected concerning a “here” to “there.”  When you see someone of a very different familial or racial heritage than you, there often exists — in each of many people — a psychological space between “you” and “them,”  between your group and their group.  What we are suggesting is that the limited space of “here” to “there,” with your “I” or “me” psychologically “getting better in time” situation, is remarkably similar to the space separation with your “you” and “them” situation.   We are all extensions of the same holistic spacetime movement, and “as it,” in reality, we are not separate things.  Some perceptive people will see this; others (i.e., most) will just go on being stuck in primitive perspectives and will go on being greedy about the future and indifferent about others.   You are time; space too is what you are… and if that space is limited and illusory, consciousness will be limited and illusory.  If you merely remain as that limited space between “now” and “tomorrow,” and if you merely remain as that limited space between “you” and “them,” then primitive illusion is what you are; and primitive illusion is not separate from what suffering and ignorance is.  

Right now we are a society that gobbles up tons of synthetic pills (instead of solving the real, fundamental problems about health and mental wellbeing); we overpopulate the planet and do all kinds of hateful and callous things to “others”… including “other life forms.”  Many of us were miseducated to be stuck in indifference, separation, and blindness… and the wealthiest powers that be (at the top) are delighted… (although, in reality, they are suffering and are a tremendous cause of suffering).  

That timeless and immense perception can only occur when limitation is understood… when limitation ends psychologically.



Wild Blue Vervain and Bumblebee … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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    • Interesting question! 🙂
      Very many wonderful things have happened in my life regarding this “perspective.” Perspective, in this sense, means the capacity to view things in their true relations. First and foremost, is that one has transcended the limitations of thought/thinking such that visitations by that pure energy have taken place. One cannot put that, of course, into words… but satori-like, nirvana-like images have been developed in the past by certain people, but those still are not adequate enough. And — i sure do not like to discuss this — but all kinds of clairvoyant and ‘out of the ordinary’ things have taken place. Some were (and are) very tangible (and i have shared a view to a few select people and they were more than impressed). Clairvoyance seems run in our family and i feel that it is enhanced by the holistic perspective that i usually exist as; my mother had it, and i certainly have it. Marla, my wife, is well aware of it. For example, on a Thursday morning while in bed, i had a vision of running into the side a huge Mac Truck. I always go shopping to Walmart to get groceries on Thursday. Despite the premonition, i (very cautiously) went to Walmart (which is some distance away, since we live rurally). I went to the store, shopped, then carefully drove home. When almost home, one wondered why such a vision erroneously happened, but there was relief that nothing happened. But there was a four-way stop not far from our house. I came to a complete stop and was getting ready to accelerate and turn left (when a huge Mac Truck came barreling from the right); the truck did not stop whatsoever; it just came roaring through the intersection. Without that premonition, one would not have been nearly as cautious. So… remaining alive is a pretty good perk for living with (and “as”) an orderly perspective. But none of us — i repeat: none of us — are truly alive unless in communion with that otherness… that energy that only (rarely) visits mankind when thought and corruption are absent.

      I also credit my environmentalism, vegetarianism, and compassionate job — regarding working for a living — of working as a teacher for the multiply handicapped, as reflections of my insights.


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