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Two Short Stories




Once there was a very rich man who, every time he saw people in need, would quickly pass them by, saying, “Sorry, I don’t help strangers.”
Then, over a short span of time, the man lost everything.  When he reached out for help, the first person who passed him by mumbled, “Sorry, I don’t help strangers.”



There was a man who, every time he looked up, worried about what was down…  and every time he looked down, worried about what was up. 
He suddenly died.
They buried him way down in the ground, facing up of course.  



Monarch Butterfly on Cone Flower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019








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  1. I’m reading at the moment Wieslaw Mysliwski – The last hand. Somehow I think immediately at him when I read this. haha


  2. Here is a story my grandmother would tell:
    There was a very old man who lived with his son and his son’s wife and his grandson. Now the son’s wife was not kind and didn’t like having an old man living with them. She had made sure he had special utensils to eat with and special plates and had finally convinced her husband to send him to a home because she didn’t want to be bothered with his care. So the son reluctantly packed up his father in his carriage and began the drive to the home. The father was sitting in the back and the son in the front with his young son. Half way there, the father looked down and saw his young son whittling some wood. He said, “what are you making son?” and the boy answered, “Special forks and knives for when you get old, father.” The son turned the carriage around.


      • I agree partly, Tom.
        Karma doesn’t always hit instantly, no matter how much one may deserve it.
        I agree, that we will need to pay for which bad or rotten behavior, we do too.

      • Ah, there needn’t be some kind of payment down the line of time; that’s an old-fashioned, primitive tradition. Nefarious behavior is illusory and distorted; that in itself is its own failure, travesty, or (if you wish) self-punishment. Nothing terrible has to follow later, though it well might (due to disorder running rampant).

  3. That first story reminded me of our common saying down here: “What goes around, comes around.” The second story just made me laugh — I wonder if the fellow thought his eventual end was an ‘upper’ or a ‘downer’?


  4. Interesting tales that make you think and a beautiful Monarch perched on a Coneflower – right place/right time when you happened along.


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