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On the Precocious Mantis and the Ominous, Hideous Creature…




Walking just walking along 
gingerly and slowly swaying 
waltzing alien-like from leaf to leaf

Stalking just stalking along
stick-like & Oh so lean
happily wondering whom next i can eat

Suddenly out of nowhere
a huge ominous creature appears
thrusting a blackish lens-thing right up to me

In a flash, I quickly leap away
and am so very glad
that the huge hideous creature didn’t eat me



[Note:  This photo was taken about a month ago.   This was the first  Praying Mantis that i’ve seen this summer; it was young, just around 3cm long.  And, yes — with blackish lens-thing macro camera in hand —  i am the ominous, hideous creature.  (You must admit, we ominous, hideous creatures are pretty huge.)]



Young Praying Mantis (praying that I don’t eat him) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019


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  1. Huge being relative … reading this I feel tension at the thought of a big black mass larger than me suddenly hovering in my intended path … glad you got this shot before the mantis fled! And this cool poem afterward!


  2. When death is so near yet, you managed to escape. “Life and death are one thread, the same line viewed from different sides” Lao Tzu. Great post! Once again.


  3. I’ve seen very few of these, but I suspect if I spent more time in wooded or brushy areas I’d see more. I came across a quite large one a few years ago, and it took me a while to figure out what it was. We eyed each other pretty cautiously, and then went our separate ways. In those days, no capture of any sort was possible–I didn’t even own a camera!


    • They were way more common in years past, Linda. I used to pick them up and handle them and most would quickly learn to love walking from one of my hands to another in succession. They would even crawl back on your hand after lowering your hand to the ground. A minority, though, would not have anything to do with it and would bite and bite; i called them “broncos.” 🙂 Also see what was written to Kym above.


  4. I’ve never seen a praying mantis before Tom, so I am grateful for your macro pictures to get an up-close-and-personal look at them; imagine how big and scary we must look to little bugs.


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