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Please don’t be an April Fool all year long…




Frivolity, caught in the little
details of the competitive games
and traditions,
never was 
the serious pondering about the whole.
That’s why it remained
as frivolity.
Frivolity can wear awesome shoes.
Frivolity can wear a first-rate hat.
Frivolity can appear to be intelligent,
in frivolous ways.



Mushroom Gills … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I enjoyed your musings, but I laughed at the photo. The underside of that mushroom looks remarkably like one of the air filters for my car — and that’s no fooling!


  2. This mushroom is dressed to the gills … (you know I had to Google to see if that was an expression because it seemed to have fallen off the track in favor of being “dressed to the nines”) – either way, that is one pretty purple mushroom.


  3. There’s nothing like a frivol here and there, bu tin the main, be aware, let’s not be fooled as you say


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