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We must profess 
     that driving in the white stuff 
     (when being elderly is the body’s current season)
     is not our notion of palatability

We quaked with laughter
     playing in — and eating — the fluffy stuff as kids…

Now its greatest beauty is its order
     close up and (also at a distance)
     as long as
     driving in whiteout isn’t involved
     or being immersed
     in certain kind of great depth



Snow Pyramid Crystal … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. When it snows in Houston, the favorite winter sport of transplanted midwesterners is laughing at us, trying to drive in the stuff. But beautiful and intricate in its individual flakes? Your photo proves that.


  2. Ah Beautiful photo 🙂
    Yes, I remember loving snow and ice as a kid, and can only imagine how hard it must be to get around in when older. Blizzards and Whiteouts are not fun!


  3. I can identify with the different perspective one gains of snow with age. I’m not nearly as adventurous (or foolish) as I once was.
    Beautiful shot!


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