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Wanting to become enlightened — to be in nirvana or satori or whatever it is — is a form of avaricious behavior that depends upon thought and psychological time.  Desire and thought create psychological time.  This time is always limited and based upon the past.  (We are referring to psychological time, not necessary physical/chronological time, here.)  In (and “as”) a person (often), there is a gulf (i.e., a chasm) — psychologically — between what one is and what one wants to become.   Most of us do not mind such a gulf/chasm to exist psychologically; we were brought up and educated (or miseducated) to accept such a gulf fundamentally.  We don’t see anything wrong with it.  We don’t (ever) question it.

Additionally, there is often a tremendous gulf or chasm between “what one considers oneself to be” and “other people” or “other organisms.”   Many people look with separation and see “their race” as better, “their culture” as better, “their family” as better, “their species” as far better,  and “their being” as much better.  Others are “at a distance” and they are separated from “oneself” by a gulf (a chasm), much like the chasm mentioned in the aforementioned paragraph.

You know, it is so easy to be duped.  It is so easy to be deceived and defrauded to think that one is rich in the things of life.  Fragmentation and psychological time are one hell of an illusion (wholly grasped by restricted minds).  Be careful and attentive. 




[Note:  My wife, Marla, is doing better following her recent shoulder surgery; she, however, will still require further surgery on that shoulder.]  



Snow Crystals … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. I’ve been thinking of you, and wondering how Marla is doing. It was good to find your post this morning, and that beautiful image of the snow.


  2. Have very much missed your incisive thoughts, glad to have this one, and yes, let us always be careful and attentive.


  3. Good to see you Tom. Now I have to use my brain again, reading your posts! 🙂
    I’m very glad that Marla is healing, but I’m sure it must be painful and a long process. I wish her well.
    I love your ice crystals photo – it is very hot here right now.


  4. I am glad to see a post of yours in the Reader again, and happy to hear Marla is better, wishing you both well! And what an amazing photo! I hope to take such a photo one day too. 🙂


  5. You were very much missed, Tom. So glad to see you back, and with this amazing photo and thought. Best to you and Marla – you have been through a lot, and sounds like more to come. Hopefully, the next steps do the trick, and life can settle down a bit for you. Sending healthy, happy thoughts! 🙂


  6. Glad to see you back Tom. Your snow crystals are beautiful, so delicate and no doubt from your backyard. Happy to hear that Marla is on the mend — you both need a respite from her two medical issues in 2018 and another one scheduled down the road.


  7. Welcome back and you have been missed (your beautiful photos and words have also been missed)!🙂 Wonderful to read that Marla is doing better and I hope she continues to heal and gather strength before the next surgery.


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