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When everything without feeling happened (… and further note about my wife Marla’s surgery…)



[Note:   My wife Marla’s shoulder replacement surgery went well (so far, it seems) but she still has a long way to full recovery.  She must have strong PICC Line antibiotics given to her intravenously via syringes multiple times per day for 6 weeks (and i am the one giving her these).  Additionally, i am helping her with her enteral feedings (via tube feedings to her stomach) multiple times per day (because, at the current time, she is unable to do them herself, with only one functional arm.)  The shoulder replacement that they put in is a special antibiotic-emitting kind and she will likely need a whole other “regular” shoulder replacement done (in the same shoulder), with a steel replacement, once this temporary antibiotic replacement fully heals and is bacteria-free.  Apparently, the infectious bacteria that caused trouble in the first place — and that is hard to eradicate (since it lodges deep within the joint) — is a type of acne bacteria (which baffles us as to how she got it).  Since i will be busy taking care of Marla for the next few weeks,  i will likely not do postings after my already scheduled 01/02/2019 blog/posting; i will not have time to read others’ blogs or correspond with others re their blogs or my blogs.  Hopefully, i can soon get back into blogging again once things settle down and i find more time to do so.  Peace!]



The following poem has nothing to do with Marla’s shoulder surgery, by the way…



When everything without feeling happened for quite some time,
feeling came along and tried to make a difference,

but it wasn’t easy.




On the Forest Floor … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Wow, best wishes for a speedy recovery for Marla. Be sure and take good care of yourself, too, Tom. Will miss your posts while you’re busy, but will look forward to your return. 🙂


  2. I’m with you, Tom. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but you’re you are a great caregiver, and that’s what she needs. You both will grow from the new challenges. My thoughts are with the two of you.


  3. I hope Marla’s recovery is speedy. You are brave to take on the things you are doing. Most husbands would want a home health nurse to take care of the PICC line and enteral feedings. None of this is comfortable for her, I know, but I’m sure she appreciates what you are doing for her. I’m in awe of your capacity for kindness and your love of Marla. I hope the new year will be a better one!


  4. Love and hugs to you and Marla. I was my late husband’s caregiver for several years and my heart goes out to you. Wishing you both much happiness and better health in the coming new year. xo


  5. Our collective thoughts are with you and Marla. You are a good man to take on these responsibilities, but at least you know your attention and care will help to make Marla better and that means the world to her as she continues to fight through this health distraction. All the best to you both and hopefully better health is in store for 2019. (P.S. – what an usual and beautiful pale blue shell that snail has.)


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