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The Night Sky and the Stars of the Universe on the Butterfly’s Wings…




Between)the great purchase 
    of life’s parameters,
    the price was everything
    while the cost was nothing…
    and we had plenty of nothing to give,
    since it constituted everything,
    (such as the space between 
    protons and electrons)
    which seems to begin
    to sum up the whole thing.
    Just don’t squabble about the price,
    since it cost you nothing(while
    rattling in pockets
    is change





Southern Cloudy Wing Skipper … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. Everything is mostly nothing, at least in physical form.

    Of course, it’s the tiny bit that isn’t that ‘matters’ – At least to the Butterfly. 😉

    I like the fact that a neutron, left entirely to itself will decay into a proton, electron and antineutrino on average in about 15 minutes, while a proton left to itself would outlast the known age of the Universe by factors of trillions. A neutron is, in effect, a ‘balanced’ proton where it’s positive charge is balanced by an electron charge to neutralise them both. They are the glue that holds the Universe ‘together’.

    Clearly then, Nature hates a stable balance that lasts longer than 15 minutes. 😉 It prefers a state of flux, good vibrations, even. 😉


  2. So beautiful, photo, poem and thoughts…
    “and we had plenty of nothing to give,
    since it constituted everything,
    (such as the space between
    protons and electrons)”…


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