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But if all haves




But if all haves
      could seldom
      past twisted crime
maybe some living compassion
free some dead slaves




Stink Bugs Feeding from Petiolar Glands (that emit nectar) from Wild Chamaecrist fasciculata Plant. (It was Linda, ‘shoreacres’,  who found out just what these strange sections of the plants were… regarding an earlier article/posting we had on them.   Note how the bug is using its proboscis to feed from the gland of the plant. )   … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018  











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  1. It’s great that you managed to find some insects feeding on those glands. So much of what surrounds us in nature seems to be purposeless, but that’s only because we’ve not yet found the purpose!


  2. Amazing what you capture for our eyes to feast on Tom, because the naked eye would miss all these wonderful things … we’d walk right on by. 🙂


  3. I just read what Mark wrote. I can remember catching grasshoppers when I was very young, catching them in my hands and feeling them flutter, then releasing them. We’d catch pollywogs in the pond too and bring them home. You’re right – enjoying nature as a child fosters that appreciation for the rest of your life.


  4. If more humans slowed down enough to truly “see” all the natural wonders up close the world might be a better taken care of place! I had no idea about this part of a stink bugs life! 😊


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