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I’m a Vegetarian but…




Many whom i know eat meat.
Some of them have two legs,
some of them have eight.  




NOTE:   Now and then, since October is the month of Halloween here in the U.S., i will likely post a few more spider photos than usual; not that spiders are really all that “scary” but that people associate them with Halloween (which is kind of fun and silly at the same time).   🙂



Spider with Prey … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. I’m not fond of anything that runs faster than I do so that includes spiders and centipedes, much as Tom has told me in the past they are beneficial for our environment and most are harmless. 🙂 But that said, one time a huge spider made a web on the left side of the garage door in the siding. I was horrified as I had to pass it to go in the garage – a single-car garage and the car takes up most of it. No wiggle room, must pass the spider to get into the car. That deep web was thick and had a dark hole where this spider lived and he would come out and sunbathe and catch his prey. I one time watched him take a fly and bind it up in a cocoon. I was morbidly fascinated and watched for a while, then went confidently into the garage to get into the car, knowing he would not attack me for a while as he was so busy with the fly. I’m shuddering thinking about it.


    • That was likely a Wolf spider. Wolf spiders are way more afraid of humans than we are of them; they may look scary but they are really big babies. No venom is in them that is harmful to human beings. 🙂
      I am not at all afraid of spiders. It’s politicians that scare the hell out of me! They spin the deadliest webs of lies and untruths!


      • Just Googled and that was what I saw and it ran so quickly into that deep hole – made me break out in a sweat! I often favor critters over people – devotion and you know where you stand (most of the time). Hope Marla is home and resting comfortably.

      • They scurry into their hole because they are extremely afraid! They are really quite harmless (to people).
        Marla, following her Sciatica surgery, is in a whole lot of pain and can hardly move (due to having to remain off of the anti-inflammatory Mobic medication for an extended period of time). She suffers a lot, unfortunately. She has to get nutrition via stomach tube feedings (due to cervical surgery complications in the past) and i have been helping her with those throughout the day.

  2. What a great photo. I’ve gotten over my fear of spiders, but I still don’t like running face-first into those huge garden spider webs! That’s Halloween-creepy!


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