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Insights or Non- (Part 5)




True wisdom has great wholeness, expanse, and vastness; indifference is of limitation and is confined.

Often dying psychologically to “thinking” is alive, harmless, and highly intelligent.  Constantly reacting as mere symbolic thoughts is cadaverous.

Ignorance often does not recognize its own ignorance.  Wisdom often goes unnoticed and unappreciated by those who have little wisdom.  

Nonsensical behavior often makes excuses.  Behavior that is prudent is honest and compassionate.

Many need to make-believe about some heaven or magical domain in the future (that was fabricated by make-believers); escaping what “actually is” is ignorance. (The aforementioned words are not at all meant to deny true eternity or sacredness.)

Wisdom naturally goes beyond superficial values and superficial behaviors.  




Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly Up Close … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



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  1. The skippers are such cute little things. As for your point that “Ignorance often does not recognize its own ignorance,” you’ve reminded me of a fishing charter captain I know who likes to say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.”


  2. “Ignorance often does not recognize its own ignorance” is a message for all to heed in these political times … alas, I suspect the obscuring is deliberate in too many situations – but even those doing the obscuring are ignorant of other’s potential reactions. Confusion reigns (though some would suggest it’s all very clear and I’m only confused out of ignorance …)


  3. Interesting thoughts and interesting close-up of the little Silver-Spotted Skipper with legs as hairy as a tarantula’s and those eyes magnified with your lens – just wow!


      • You are busy Tom! You have a patient demeanor for all the patients. 🙂 Good luck to Marla on her surgery tomorrow – I hope this is not outpatient surgery. A fellow blogger had rotator cuff surgery in June and it was a lengthy, outpatient surgery. I was so surprised about that. It has been a rigorous recovery period for her as she was told she could not lift anything heavier than a fork and had to sleep upright for a long period of time. She has not blogged in a few months, so I think I’ll touch base with her after I zip this off to you. Months ago I told her she should buy a poncho to take the chill off and not have to wrangle getting in and out of a coat come Fall. She lives on the East Coast. My mom suffered with this same pain and it was difficult to sit for a long period of time and she had cellulitis in her legs so it was painful for her to stand as well, especially during an infection or flare-up.

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