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Update on my Recent Heart Attack


I am doing better but i’m still in shock over what happened. Like i mentioned before, i’ve been a vegetarian since 1973 and have (especially over the last couple of years) been eating mostly whole, organic, unprocessed foods. When i would make pizza, i would use fat-free cheese (with a little bit of organic, regular cheese sprinkled on too); i am gluten-free; i do not eat eggs, but when i did, they were mostly Egg-Beaters cholesterol-free eggs. Realizing that heart conditions run in my family, i would take 2,000mg of fish oil every day. I always religiously, very vigorously exercised on a Schwinn indoor bicycle, 15 minutes a day; plus i kept active with cleaning my aquariums and going on nature walks, etc. My total cholesterol (when i went into the hospital) was 104. My LDL cholesterol was 44. (Needless to say, these were very good numbers.) Other factors can play into what causes heart problems, especially, inflammation (and heredity). I have both osteoarthritis and mild rheumatoid arthritis. (Actually, there is a very good chance that if i did not live such a healthy lifestyle… i would have simply flat out died.)

When i was in the hospital, at one point 10 doctors, (as a group, for staff “learning” purposes), came into my room. I said, “Well if something happens to me now, i’m pretty well covered for care!” ūüôā The doctors told me that i was doing everything right. That is both very reassuring and very disheartening. (Hopefully, the medications that they are putting me on will help.)

My blogs keep running (as i had previously scheduled) them and when those run out, that will be it for a while. I will likely take a break. I will (in the future) likely continue to blog but i’ll be doing so with much less frequency. Thanks very much, everyone (for your very kind wishes) and please take good care of yourselves.

Bullfrog up-close … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019


Ant close-up (Yikes! for Halloween)… (Three Photos)…


Good Grief! With even closer macro shots… we can see that some of the ants wear ties! (They are better dressed than the photographer!)

Ant wearing Tie (macro) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

Vegan Shot (you are what you eat)…

Vegan Shot … (You are what you eat.) … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

Just another one of you meat-eaters.

Just another one of you meat-eaters. … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

I’m a Vegetarian but…




Many whom i know eat meat.
Some of them have two legs,
some of them have eight.  




NOTE:¬† ¬†Now and then, since October is the month of Halloween here in the U.S., i will likely post a few more spider photos than usual; not that spiders are really all that “scary” but that people associate them with Halloween (which is kind of fun and silly at the same time).¬† ¬†ūüôā



Spider with Prey … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Vegetarianism and beyond…



This post will not try to lure you into being a vegetarian. ¬†I sit and eat comfortably with people who eat meat, and i don’t try to convince them to do otherwise. ¬†I’ve been a vegetarian since 1973. ¬†My reason for vegetarianism is mostly related to a compassion for animals, rather than simply for health reasons. ¬†Currently, i am an Ovo-Lacto vegetarian, though for a few years i was a vegan (not eating any animal oriented products, including milk and eggs). ¬†I do not use much (at all) in the way of dairy products, but do eat eggs fairly often. ¬†Over the years, one has met all kinds of vegetarians and non-vegetarians. ¬†It has been an interesting ride. ¬†Some vegetarians, whom¬†i’ve known or¬†lived with, were simple and non-arrogant about their vegetarianism. ¬†They were simply that way, and they didn’t flaunt it or look down on those who were not like they were. ¬†I was appreciative of the way they were… of their non-judgemental¬†approach. ¬†I’ve also met plenty of vegetarians who were rather arrogant and pretentious about it… looking down on those who did not fit into what they thought was the only correct way to be.

Years ago, i was introduced, by two female vegetarian friends, to a man who was a fruitarian. ¬†He did not eat plants because he thought that plants had feelings. ¬†He was rather pitiful¬†to look at… looking very emaciated and sickly (though he was only in his 20’s). ¬†He claimed that it was “wrong” to even eat bread… since yeast — used to make bread — is closely related to animals. ¬†To me, what he said didn’t carry much credibility… especially since he looked like death warmed over. ¬† For a meal, he would eat some fruit… and he looked down on people who ate plants (as if they were immoral). ¬†One can take idealism to levels that negate the correct and proper care of the physical organism that the mind inhabits, causing irreparable harm to that organism.

When one was a vegan, after a period of time, though eating a good variety of foods, there developed unnatural cravings to eat more and more. ¬†Something was missing in that diet. ¬†Eventually, one went back to an Ovo-Lacto Vegetarian regimen. ¬†I was taking Chia oil capsules for the essential fatty acids. ¬†However, skin started to come off of my inner legs by my thigh area; it literally fell off! ¬†When i started taking Fish Oil capsules and/or Krill Oil… the skin problem went away. ¬†What i didn’t know before then, was that vegetable oils, including Chia, Flax, oils from nuts, and such, are in the form of ALA fatty acids. ¬†Most people cannot readily convert the ALA into the needed DHA. ¬†DHA is critical for proper brain function and body chemistry; many vegetarians are lacking in information about this (and in the necessary DHA). ¬† In a big way, this is a real crisis, and few are knowledgeable about it. ¬†Even non-vegetarians can be very lacking in DHA… which can lead to all kinds of problems, including cognition problems and Alzheimer’s disease. ¬†Recently, DHA from algae has become commercially available, which is great for vegetarians and even vegans. ¬†I currently use the Diet Standards brand called “Prenatal DHA”; please don’t laugh (like my wife did)! ¬†It can be purchased for less $ (than on some sites) on eBay, if one shops around. ¬†Fish oil and Krill oil, additionally, contain very large amounts of DHA. ¬†

As we age, we — vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike — especially need plenty of DHA; the brain consists largely of fat and DHA; DHA is essential! ¬†DHA is the predominant structural fatty acid in the central nervous system and in the retina of the eye, and its availability is vital for¬†the development and health of the brain.

Lately, one has been into studying Native American culture, before the arrival of Europeans. ¬†They ate plenty of vegetables (back then) as well as meat. ¬†They respected nature… and lived in real harmony and balance with nature. ¬†Many of us, these days — vegetarians included — don’t even come close to that genuine harmony… that genuine balance. ¬†We, with our fossil-fueled cars, fossil-fueled plane trips, excessively large homes, overpopulation, and endless plastics, are far from that harmony. ¬†(One has been trying, with geothermal home heating, a small home, with using small cars, not having children, and recycling, etc.; but one can never do enough.) ¬†Being a vegetarian does help environmentally and with nature; however, there are many other factors that affect life in very significant ways. ¬†¬†

Please — vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike — take the time to read the following regarding DHA:

Not for eating (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Not for eating (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Not for eating (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Not for eating (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017








When i first laid eyes on you

          it was love at first sight

Then i got to know you better and realized

          that we have so very much in common

You relish eating delectable meals

          (So do i)

You love to smell the nearby,splendid wildflowers

          (So do i)

You love the songs of the joyful,little birds early in the mornings

          (So do i)

You like to watch beautiful horses sprightly prancing around

          (So do i)

You love to roll around in the sweet,textured mud

          (So do i)      (Well,at least i did when i was your age)

You dislike being bossed,bullied,and pushed around by heartless people

          (Same for me)

As time went by,i became even more enamored with you

          Rumor had it,though,that you might be liquidated by carnivorous others

(That played heavy on my heart)        I was looking forward to seeing you again

          but not (being myself a long-term vegetarian) between

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† someone else’s two slices of bread

It is a shame when others dismiss you as

          merely being a swine

We are all hoggish in our lives in

          one form or another


This poem is dedicated — with much respect and fondness — ¬†to Jinx. ¬†Jinx was a bus driver at the school for the multiply handicapped where i worked as a teacher. ¬†In warm weather, i would often take my sack lunch to the beautiful river that was right on the school property… and eat my lunch on the banks, watching the river go by. ¬†Jinx would often be there fishing during his lunch break; he would release any fish that he caught. ¬†Jinx, when he found out that i was a vegetarian, told me that he had been the owner of a pig farm for many years. ¬†Then, one day, he decided to give it all up, because it seemed wrong to be raising them for slaughter. ¬†Jinx became a vegetarian. ¬†Quite some time later, after i had switched over to another school, i found out that Jinx died. ¬†Jinx was driving through Chicago. ¬†He had seen a house on fire and heard screams from children inside the house. ¬†Without hesitation, Jinx ran into the house in an attempt to rescue the children. ¬†Jinx died in that fire. ¬†He is¬†a true hero (and he had real love). ¬†

Miss Piggy (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Miss Piggy (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Miss Piggy (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016

Miss Piggy (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2016