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Life is so much more
than books and words
and iPhones and money

Death is so much more
than finality and crying
and funerals and caskets

If one is of deep understanding
Life and Death are
not two different things



Augochlora Green Metalic Bee… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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    • Yes, but that’s not what was referred to here. There can be a profound psychological dying — each and every day, often — in one who goes beyond the stale “accepted” repetitive symbols and patterns that many assume is living; such dying is true living. (Please read what was replied to Pazlo.) 🙂


  1. Where were you before you were ever born….you weren’t and so you were dead! Guess what, after you die you won’t exist either so you will be dead again! You’ve been dead before!


  2. English language (at least as most of us know it) has too few words. There are many kinds of love, many kinds of living, many kinds of death… This poem may puzzle, but I sense in it a progressive thinning (dying off) of what separates biological living from awareness of its part in something much larger than individual self, lessening a self-imposed barrier to spiritual living.
    Am I anywhere close?
    If not, at least you have my gears humming. Thanks.


    • Great, Jazz, that it has those gears humming! 🙂
      It involves a lot, some of which i don’t care to go into and have been (lately) feeling that — if one is really aware about it — one would be better off not divulging much to others… as it can be misused. Yes, languages (all languages) have their limitations!
      It is partly a lessening (or holistic ending) of a self-imposed barrier… in that, as was alluded to Eilene, it involves a psychological dying to the endless, ordinary sequences of patterns and symbols that one was taught; such dying is real “living”!


  3. You’ve reminded me of one of my favorite sayings: the question is not whether there is life after death, the question is whether there is life before death. It’s not quite your point, but it’s still relevant, I think.


    • It is relevant and something that i’d like to further elaborate on sometime in the future. I think that one who undergoes full-blown enlightenment/timelessness realizes, afterward, that most people are like seeds (and not, unfortunately, really alive). In a way, we are all like empty cups, and if the sacred, indelible energy never enters in to visit, never fully alive.


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