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Especially I Just Want to Breathe




Especially i just want to breathe
     when air is getting dirtier
Especially i just want to see
     when the world’s views are getting cloudier
Especially i just want to hear
     when so few are really listening
Especially i want to smell
     when so many just pass the flowers by
Especially i want to feel
     when many are just indifferent
And most especially i want to live
     beyond a cadaverous respectful comfort



Question Mark Butterfly, and why not? Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. All the “especiallies” resonate!
    Interesting name for a butterfly – I’ve seen these but had not encountered the name, nor noticed the white marking. Though brown, the underside of the wings is a beautiful tapestry of shapes and variations of hue. Great image!!


  2. I smiled to read that your boots are in the car. I have a plastic container in the trunk of my car with hiking boots and knee-high boots that will take on about anything. They help me remain comfortable — but it’s a different kind of comfort than in your poem!


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