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  1. It’s a beautiful photo. It reminds me of the kind of curled ribbon that adorns gifts — in this case, the “ribbon” itself is the gift!


  2. around where live Man & monkey there curling club. Man love curling but back and knees and legs of Man too old for start new hobby sport. it very unfortuante. if Man = 30 year younger he definitely take up curling what he describe as playing marbles on ice.


    • These tender shoots belong to a plant that can dominate an area by strangulation of “other” plants via vines prior to covering them with their leaves. Actually, they aren’t as bad that way as wild grapes are — they are more low to the ground plants — but they can be fairly dominant at times! πŸ™‚


      • They look so dainty to be so invasive … I have purple nightshade growing through my bushes and barberries and it is tough to get rid of it as it has wound itself through everything!

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