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Dandy Lion Crimes Haiku (Ain’t Freedom Grand)



They hate yellow deeply
with their Scotts toxic bags
set to make dull lawnminds all exactly the same



Dandelion Dreams… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


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  1. Wonderful. I think the little bug is a frog hopper, but not 100percent on that.


  2. I’m with you on this one. I’ve nothing against the European dandelion at all — it is a pretty thing, and I made innumerable bouquets for my mother from them when I was a kid. But today? I love our native Texas dandelion, and “perfect” lawns bore me to tears. Wonderful haiku, and a nice smile for a rainy (!) morning.


  3. Interesting, Dandy Lion never occurred to me. I always think Dan de Lion as if it’s French. Dan de Lion is Dan of the Lion if I remember my school days French correctly.


  4. Mother Nature did not intend dandelions to be snuffed out by poison, but instead to brighten the blah, not-quite-colorful-yet Spring landscape.


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