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  1. So lovely. I have a dove egg I found several years ago in a plastic hanging planter that had been taken to the trash. There was only one, and not much of a nest, but I took the egg home, and put it in a fallen nest I’d found. It’s still there, and I smile every time I see it.


  2. So beautiful Tom. My next-door neighbor had a wire planter on her back deck and the mourning dove made a nest and laid two eggs in it. One egg did not hatch, but the one that hatched I wrote about. She watched the nest and Mama Dove every day, kind of like my friend in Richmond, Virginia did with the robins that had the predator snake. This was the post.

    Marge was upset that the dove and its baby took off so soon after hatching – she enjoyed watching them. https://lindaschaubblog.net/2017/05/02/tuesday-musings-24/


    • It’s a sweet post! 🙂
      Before i retired, when i worked as a teacher for the multiply handicapped, we had Mourning Doves nesting on the window sills of the second floor. They were always very good parents and the fledglings were always fun to watch and were educational.
      We used to breed macaws at our house and i got very good at helping hatching birds — who sometimes had trouble emerging — with getting out of the shell; it took a lot of patience and care!


      • Thanks Tom, I thought you would enjoy it since you were going to embark on that same hatching/miracle of birth journey with your Mourning Doves. That’s great that you got to see the other Mourning Doves and from the window sill – perfect view! Same with Marge … she could watch through the door wall without disturbing them. I have read with some birds that hatching is not all that easy and the shell must sometimes be pecked open, so those hatchlings were lucky to have emerged with your assistance.

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