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Aloofness and Indifference of the Mind



Many people in this very rotten society, these days, have aloofness.  Most, unfortunately, are caught up in the superficiality of things.  They are impressed by pseudo-realities and they seek power that really isn’t power.  They seek exciting things and places (the more far off and “exotic,” the better).  Can jaded minds, secondhand minds, no matter how much they earn, no matter how far off they travel, no matter how huge a home they can acquire, find lasting joy and profundity?  Many seek happiness by reaching outwardly.  Is real harmony and bliss what can be obtained by effort outwardly, or is it what must take place because of inner order and wisdom?

Aloofness often involves a separation, a lack of awareness or concern.  Indifference requires separation, distance, walls of space.  A mind of indifference is a compartmentalized mind.  Such a mind may be good at certain mechanical, computer-like things but is often duplicitous to itself.  Such a mind has accepted fallacies and misrepresentations about a separate self, an isolated center.  It operates in piecemeal ways and it depends upon piecemeal systems.

A sapient mind is not duplicitous to itself.  Its timeless profundities exist beyond any false center or fraudulent effort from such a center.  It naturally helps others while not merely seeing them as “others” at a distance of separation.  It is of compassion and does not turn its back on others (including other species).  It reaches out, not merely to get.  Beyond piecemeal ways, it operates from a wholeness that is beyond demarcations and borders.  It is global, not national.  Without physically moving far whatsoever, it goes way beyond the ordinary, way beyond what is thought of as possible… yet it is never stagnant.  It sees the false as the false and it flowers beyond the antiquated known.

Of the two aforementioned minds, one is always reacting, always shuffling around as the shadows of the learned, dead past… and it often exists in a melancholy way; it is always calculating to enhance its phony center.  The other of the two goes beyond secondhand shadows, beyond the rotten edicts/proclamations of society, beyond the suffering that an isolated self intrinsically manifests as.  One of the two is far beyond what description is capable of.  One of the two is imprisoned in (and “as”) ordinary falsehoods.  Most will not be very interested to go beyond the type of mind that they already are; indifference has a lot to do with it.


[Note:  The photograph is a close-up of Lichen in its symbiotic relationship involving a combination of primitive fungus with algae.  This Lichen was growing on a small Oak tree branch.  One suspects that the recent discoveries that trees and other plants communicate with (and share food sources with) fungal mushrooms are related to this — more primitive– symbiotic relationship.  Life has very interesting things going on all around us!]

Lichen and Algae Close-up… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

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  1. I’m just at the beginning stages of learning about lichen, fungi, algae, and mosses. It’s a fascinating world, with lessons to teach, and your photo is splendid.


  2. for me the I’s must go, indifference, ignorance, idiocy and so on, love the way you draw out the types of mind, and such a great photo too.


  3. Very intuitive today Tom. Which mind am I? How many people are living a conditioned life that is not really them? I have been thinking about this very topic a lot lately, and very few know how to identify who they really are outside of groupthink doctrines and dogmas. Look at out political alignments. Social media is very telling about this, as there are only two ways presented and fought over. Whenever I see this, I remember something I learned many years ago from a professor I admired. Whenever you are given two choices, they are usually both wrong. This deceptive technique has numbed the minds of the masses. What party are you? What religion are you? Do you ever listen to music from other countries? Much of the best stuff never gets heard because we are marketed and influenced at every turn, and individuality is usually styles between two or three choices. Who are we really, without the news, the preachers, and the marketers? Breakthroughs are usual arduous and painful, self awareness and growth must at some point be done away from the influencers and the noise, in the quiet of your own mind.


    • Yes, Jim, one feels that pretty much everyone is conditioned. Few really go beyond conditioning significantly. As far as political alignments go, of course both sides are created by calculating schemers that are not really intelligent to a large extent. Currently, in the U.S. however, things are so corrupt with one party, that i’ve been pointing out their corruption a lot. The corruption is so bad that it is nightmarish! Destroying environmental policies that were sound and beneficial to kiss the ass of polluting industry… how very sad! And so many gullible people fall for all the bamboozling nonsense!


  4. I really agree with you, Thomas. Money doesn’t make you happy. Most people never event think about the things you write about. That’s a pity. I hope you can reach at least a few. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


  5. I hope I don’t have any of those lousy qualities you describe in your post. The up-close-and-personal look at lichen and algae photo was interesting and I was just catching up on Reader and one of the bloggers I follow is from Australia, vacationing in Portugal, and had photos yesterday of the lichen-covered boulders. See the fifth picture down:


    • You, Linda, may not have those qualities but a lot of people do. So many, for instance, use jet planes all the time to fly all around the world, or fancy cruise ships, without ever even once considering the tremendous impact that those fossil-fuel spewing modes of transportation have on the environment. People just don’t think. People just care, though some do. We are so used to looking at what other people do, and accepting that, when so much of it may really be immoral and superficial.


  6. One thing stands out in my mind after reading this. Those who center their lives on material things, search constantly for ‘something’ to make them happy. Really, happiness comes from within and is created by a caring attitude.


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