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  1. You sure do have an interesting cast of critters in your neck of the woods Tom! LOL Do they spontaneously stop and strike a pose for you when your camera is out? 🙂


  2. nothing for people with arachnophobia but nice haiku anyway, Thomas. Have a nice day, regards Mitza


  3. Spiders are cool with me. Larger ones are carefully removed with a plastic cup if they are in the house.


  4. Agree with your comments Tom. Spiders are beautiful just as anything in nature is if one cares to look. We have a huge house spider lives under our TV and it just stands its ground if we meet it. Great photo.


  5. “Live and let live” is a good motto to have. She will soon attract a mate and carry around dozens of little babies on her back. I recently read that the fear of spiders and snakes may be innate rather than learned. Hmmmm….


  6. Why is it that so many are afraid, me included. I don’t mind the little guys but the bigger they are, the louder I scream lol I think it’s because they have eight legs and I have two. A bit of jealousy going on here!!


  7. 🙂 There are, Dorinda, many factors that tend to make people afraid regarding spiders. Halloween decorations and Little Miss Muffet nursery rhymes sure contribute. Like snakes, one can unlearn a lot of the dread that we have regarding them and see them as really beautiful creatures. I really miss Steve Irwin, who was also such a champion for snakes and spiders, asking people to see the real beauty that is there!


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