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Fear, Understanding, and Compassion




If psychological fear occurs and one tries to avoid that fear by indulging in all kinds of escapes, then the fear is never understood.  If one tries to suppress or subjugate the fear, then the fear is never fully understood… one is too busy being in conflict with it.   If fear arises and one has ideals about oneself being fearless, then those mental ideations prevent one from actually seeing the fear completely (because ideals and learned principles are getting in the way).  So, when fear arises, merely labeling it as something negative, or merely judging it in a “thumbs down” kind of way, clouds the full perception of the fear with secondary, learned reactions concerning it or against it.  Fear can only be profoundly understood when it is seen without extraneous factors, without learned reactions “about it.”  

Additionally, if the fear is merely seen fragmentarily, from a (learned) mental distance, then it will not be fully dealt with without friction and conflict.  Fear may not at all be what you have; fear (when it occurs) is what one actually is.  When there is no crass distance between the fear and some accepted, supposed center, then (and only then) can there be understanding without friction, without conflict; that understanding can be whole and of great intelligence.   The perceiver is not, psychologically, separate from the perceived.   So, the next time fear,  jealousy,  greed, or indifference show up in (and “as”) consciousness, can they be observed without prejudice, without merely labeling them, without denying them, without merely categorizing them with additional reactions (positive or negative), including reactions involving a separative space between the perceiver and that which is perceived?  Only then can deep learning and understanding take place.

You can’t understand something fully if you have no true relationship with it.  A relationship based on shadow-like ideals, concocted distance, and a learned and admired (though false) center, is really no relationship at all.  True and lasting compassion can only take place when real relationship exists. 


[Note:  The following two photos are of early spring beginnings of mushrooms.  The lower photo is of the mycelium which is, by and far, the main body of the mushroom (which grows underground).  The mushrooms we see above ground are merely the small, fruiting parts of the organism.  Mycelium — much like a neural network — in some mushrooms can spread for miles and connect with tree roots and other plants, trading nutrients and communication signals with them.  (See the movie Avatar.)  My theory is that primitive lichen, as a combination of molds and algae working symbiotically with each other… may have later evolved over time into these seemingly separate (but very connected) mushrooms-trees-and-plants.  The diminutive Lemon Drop Fungi (Bisporella citrina) are fruiting body parts of the mushroom; the Mycelium pictured are from these Lemon Drops.  The Lemon Drops are very small, each being only 1mm to 2mm in diameter.  Refer to the following blog for further interesting information on Mushrooms: ]


Mushroom Primordia Caps… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018

Mushroom Mycelium… Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018



Pristine Perception… (and Proto-Primate Jaw)



[Note:  The pictured fossil is no April Fools joke.  If you’d like to get a good laugh for April Fools Day, once, years ago before i retired, when i worked as a teacher for the multiply handicapped –on April Fools Day —  i was putting a slice of pizza into the microwave at work.  It was from a sack lunch that my wife, Marla, packed for me.  It looked rather sad, for a pizza. I took it out of the aluminum foil wrap and put it on a paper plate and was putting it into the microwave; it looked stale or something!  At the last second, before putting it into the microwave, i turned it upside down.  It said “Mattel” on the bottom; it was plastic!  The fries in the lunch were plastic!  The broccoli was plastic!  The chocolate in the lunch was plastic!]



Pristine perception takes place when the mind is not tarnished by the methodologies and forms that were manmade and injected into one over time.  It is a timeless seeing that is spotless and fresh.  Things that were poured into you (over time) by others are all of the past; as such, they — for the most part — are old, residual, and secondhand.  A distorted mind does not see clearly; it is swayed by misinformation and tarnished contamination. 

One may ask, “How am I to clean my mind to enable it to see clearly?”  However, who is going to clean such a mind?   Is the “cleaner” going to be something that is somehow magically different from what needs cleaning?  Then there are those who say, “Well, I’ll meditate to make my mind still and empty.”  Is meditation a mere result, a product (via effort) of a mind that is (itself) full of distortion and fallacies?  Any such so-called meditation — fabricated by a distorted mind — will inevitably be an extension of that distortion, no matter how wonderful or relaxing it may feel.  Most human brains are so wrapped up in the deception of a supposedly dominating “center” or “me” —  a supposed “center” which intrinsically creates false separation and supposed control — that any action or inaction that is created generally extends the deception… and indifference and ignorance inevitably continues.   (The old, distorted instrument cannot be fundamentally changed by perpetually clinging — even subtly — to the old, distorted mental misusages.)

Any movement or effort of a distorted mind clinging to information of the past limits it to what was poured into it by (constrained) sequential events in time.  Distortion and psychological time exist together as one.  Once adulthood is reached, insight, love, and profound intelligence are not a matter of psychological time.  Physical and evolutionary time are another story.  

How do you look at life?  Is it seen through (or “with”) a screen of learned separation?  



The photograph is of a proto-primate jaw (with a premolar and two molars).  There is a good possibility that it is from what evolved into you and your family… or, at the very least, that it is your distant cousin.  (Take a good look at great, great grandmother!) 🙂  The photograph is of a post-Purgatorius species that evolved from Purgatorius following the Cretaceous mass extinction.  Mammals — after the mass extinction — began becoming larger, and this one is no exception.  It is from the Fort Union Formation of Montana and is 62 to 63 million-years-old.  The entire jaw is a little over 5 centimeters long (or 1.96 inches).  The teeth are jet black due to millions of years of permineralization, wherein local minerals are permeated into the teeth.  See the following for more information:


Proto-primate jaw, post-Purgatorius Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018







Among the many “here”s
           within the many “there”s
           a confusion quite precisely
           drinking coffee stirred by nows

Within the trodden whiles
           absorbing many styles
           a delusion so pretentiously
           through dirty-window-hows

But then unfathomable why
           no shredded bits of get
           a sunburst of entirety
           a placid joyful yes

Like two white(fluffy) socks
           outside the darkest day
           an immeasurable perpetuity
           Untold poetry’s best



Shrooms … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2018


Ideals (What are they and why do we “have” them)…




We have had ideals for centuries.  Yet mankind goes on, with all kinds of corruption and distortion.  Ideals seem to help but, in the long run, do not change much whatsoever.  When one has an ideal, it is a projection or obtrusion (of the mind) regarding what one “ought to be.”  That “ought to be,” that “what one should be,” is a pattern that one has accumulated — over time — from others’ teachings or from experiences (of the past).  It is a protrusion of the past into the present, concerning what the future “should be”; such a process is a sequence in (and “as”) psychological time.

Profound awareness is not what occurs when the present (in its wholeness) is constantly contaminated by past fragmentary symbols and patterns.  People are energetic, habitual, lightning-quick “reacting organisms,” and learned, fragmentary symbols and patterns — of the past, like any “should be” — are usually not enough to entirely tame the deeply ingrained emotions/desires/reactions that “people are” (and to significantly change those reactions).  So the projected “‘should be’s” from the past, are (for the most part) never enough to fundamentally alter behavior.  Whenever what one “should be” is projected — in (and “as”) the mind — from the past, it is at odds with what “actually is.”  The “ideals” and the “actualities” are often in conflict with each other; a mind that habitually feeds internal conflicts is not a healthy mind… it is a mind of friction and internal resistance.  When the present time actually takes place, such internal friction and resistance prevent profound awareness.  When one portion of the mind is at odds with another portion of the mind — which is so often the case with minds that harbor (and consist of) ideals — then such internal conflict prevents pristine awareness and holistic energy.  When pristine awareness takes place, it has its own (unimposed) natural, intrinsic order; then there is no need for symbolic ideals or many regulating laws.  Great, sagacious passion sees clearly (without distortion); that very seeing is its own order and compassion.

The wise mind does not merely carry and project ideals but, rather, sees what it actually is from moment to moment.  If jealousy is taking place, in such a mind, it sagaciously perceives that jealousy (as what it actually is… not merely as something that it “has.”)  Perceiving without “learned-accumulated space,” learned-accumulated patterns of what “should be,” and learned-accumulated patterns of “psychological effort” may enable the mind to be deeply aware beyond the realm of mere fragmentation and sequential expansion; then real insight and order can take place.  Such order would not be merely manmade or imposed.  Order that is imposed is never lasting and is never what can fundamentally change a person.

Innumerable people are the “should be” or “ought to be” images (of idealism) that they harbor.  People who hold many ideals actually are those ideals (and are not something separate from them).  The mind does not merely “have ideals”; in many, whether they realize it or not, ideals are what they actually are (at least partially, of course).  They are (additionally) a lot of reactions and movements at odds with the ideals; so there is real friction and struggle within.  Inner conflict doesn’t easily allow fundamental learning (beyond mere accumulation) to take place.  Wisdom goes beyond separation, beyond fragmentation, beyond internal struggle and conflict, beyond very primitive ways of dealing with things.  The passion of very intelligent awareness is an explosion beyond the dead sequence of psychological time and distortion; only then can a deep form of timeless compassion and intrinsic order manifest.



Mushrooms without ideals Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017




Working in this difficult world…



Finding decent employment in today’s world is very difficult.  It isn’t easy to get a job, yet alone a very ethical job.  I am elderly (and retired from being a teacher of the multiply handicapped) and it was even tough to get a decent job when i was very young.  I empathize with young people in this day and age.  It will become even more difficult in the near future, with more and more robots doing the work, with more automated machines cranking things out; these automatons will do things efficiently and without needing to get paid.  Many employers, these days, are not treating workers like human beings; they are cutting benefits, not giving them decent retirement plans, and are loading them with extra work.  Miseducation and empty hearts have a lot to do with this.  If you are young, or not so young, do not get depressed over having a difficult time in the job market; it is not your fault.  It is just the way things are now.   

Additionally — let’s face it — the world is getting to be a much more dangerous place.  Scientists have moved the Nuclear Clock closer to midnight, largely due to people in high governmental places wanting to proliferate nuclear weapons even more.  There are all kinds of conflicts between separative countries and religions.  Populations are increasing and not enough is being done to curtail the usage of fossil fuels.   However, with all of what is going on, one can function with stability, goodness, and real care and love for the environment.  There’s a lot of darkness out there — for sure — but one has to be that starlight that is beyond that vast darkness.    

When i was just out of college, i (instead of the regular route) became involved in a rural intentional community.  (Many called them “communes” back then.)  We did everything by consensus, had no leaders, were non-denominational, shared the land, did not allow drugs or nudity, did all kinds of volunteer work in the local community, were largely self-sufficient, grew much of our own food, and cooperated instead of being competitive.   The local (outside) community loved us.   I’m not sure what is out there (similarly) these days, but back then there were some intentional communities that were quite sane, cooperative, down to earth, and oriented toward more reasonable self-sufficiency and being closer to Mother Earth.  This may be an alternative for (some) young people in the future.  A lot of people, though, who were educated to be competitive, have an extremely difficult time when it comes to a very cooperative lifestyle.  

To young people, i would suggest that they question things intelligently, look beyond mere self-gratification, and do things that will really benefit people and nature.  Far too many have been programmed to be greedy, competitive, self-serving, and merely specialists.  Do not merely fall into the rut of merely being a specialist in some limited field.  Care about the whole of life too — or care about it more than anything — and don’t just care about some little section.  You are not a pawn in all of this.  You are the king (and you are the whole board and more).  If they don’t treat you like a king… it is their mistake, not yours.

There is a new movie coming out this week… “A Quiet Passion.”  Try to see it if you can; deep learning is real joy.  Often, a quiet passion is the very best kind.   


Not really separate (1) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

Not really separate (2) Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017




The Smile and the Frown that were swallowed by a Crocodile…



An elemental Frown

wore a serendipitous gown

and danced with a Smile all around


They flowed through the night–

what a breathtaking sight–

if only there was enough light


Eventually,the Frown was kissed by the Smile

It was most definitely worthwhile

until both were swallowed by an enormous crocodile


The crocodile swam west

as his gastric juices began to digest

(and inside his stomach muscles)both were depressed


The crocodile choked

The two were ejected,soaked

Happily,as they ran away,they were very stoked


Though both were together,the Frown disappeared

and a Grin kissed a Smile next to his beard

(while the crocodile hunted,just as we feared)


As for the croc,well,he inherited Frown’s prior frustration

as he slowly died of starvation

Now,museum kept,he’s under sterling preservation


One mean, old Croc! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017

One mean, old Croc! Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2017