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Whom are we kidding?  Most people do not change fundamentally no matter what you tell them, no matter what you write about.  We are writing here about changing immeasurably beyond what most people consider “changing” to be.  I do blogging mostly for one reason only: to help people to explore their true relationship with everything and look into the possibility of discovering something really sacred (beyond what most of us merely conceptualize about by what was implanted into us by old traditions and antiquated customs).  Medals aren’t given to those very few in the world who were truly enlightened (i.e., visited by that ineffable, eternal energy).  Halos aren’t given either.   (Far too often, unfortunately, it is the blind leading the blind and it’s one hell of a mess out there; a lot of people assume that they can clearly see… according to what was spoonfed into them.)  Real perception is a radical and beautiful explosion beyond what you were merely taught.

Speaking of seeing, my macro-nature photos are all well and good but, fundamentally, they are two-dimensional snapshots of the past that are rather trivial in their own superficial way. (The photos are squat compared to the prose writings offered in terms of the possible value to people’s lives regarding going beyond gross conditioning and limitation.)  Much of what i write — we are referring to the prose stuff here —  is only mildly deep (i.e. we could go much deeper), though a good portion of it does go somewhat deeper.  Will what i write help many people to change fundamentally?  (Probably not.)  A real, fundamental change would leave a person totally shocked at what the implications are… and totally shocked by what actually, phenomenally happens; a totally different kind of human being, from the standard, same-old fare, would emerge.  But the chances of that occurring are very small indeed.  People, in this sense (i.e., the sense that we are talking about) — due to deeply ingrained conditioning, etc. — just do not change.  They basically (fundamentally) remain the way they were.  



Yellow Tiger Swallowtail … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019



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  1. Please continue offering opportunities to see things differently than “normal” … people definitely DO change, but rarely in a flash … they change in small increments that creep up on them collectively … a longer life is a plus as it affords greater learning/changing. (Your macro photos make a great catalyst … catching the eye, creating a pause while the words settle into the brain.)


    • Yes, people, do change. However, i am questioning whether such “small increments” are sufficient. They will be dead long before fundamental change takes place. They tend to not be passionate enough about changing/inquiring. So, today’s post is meant to be a challenge, and real life is a challenge.
      We sit, comfortably, in the far shallow end of the swimming pool and we say, “Well, i’ll get to the depth gradually, i’ll take my time.” Unfortunately, most of us are satisfied there, in the shallow end, and stagnate there. Then we die, because life is short, and (really) it’s a tragedy.
      Some people will continue to just make comments on my superficial (shallow) photos, and that is just fine. You, Jazz, for a long time, have done way more than that, and for that, i admire you.
      The photos are fine, and do have their place, but there is the deep end of the pool and, for the most part, no one is there.


  2. What about hope? If we believe we won’t improve our behavior, do we abandon hope, that notion that good may be around the corner? Or, do we try and in essence fool ourselves that we are improving? Or, is the point that life here is a finite attempt to be better, as self-defined, which, in itself, is subject to our altering facts without being aware that we are doing such? I believe in acceptance, the act of being truthful about who we have become after so many years of living. Once we accept, if we are truthful, we can have hope that is true.


    • I feel that we need to go beyond regular “hope,” because such “hope” is usually just a projection of what was poured into us by society. Our suppositions about “improving” too, may be largely based on what we have absorbed and recycled. Life need not be a finite attempt to be better; it may be an infinite movement of real awareness and insight beyond measure (and beyond their stale patterns).
      What i wrote to Jazz may be worth a read if you have the time.


  3. I find people don’t change unless they absolutely have to: a diagnosis of a terminal disease, being forcibly relocated from your accustomed land, or having to stop an addiction, but even as I write this, I think that may not be a fundamental change, but rather a reflection of how our personality copes with change outside of ourselves and how we adapt. With a crisis, maybe the change is only temporary, and we slowly , or quickly, go back to our previous way of being. Or, we keep changing. I like the image, and hope this exquisite butterfly does not go extinct due to our inability or unwillingness to change. This statement reeks of negativity and I cannot stay in this frame of mind and try to hope and think of positive solutions.


    • A lot of the initial factors that you mention, regarding causing change, mostly cause people to readjust, which may not be much of a change at all.
      Regarding the butterfly, i sure hope that we get things in order, and help this planet to be considerably more pollution-free. Right now, things are ridiculous, though. I see a lot of bloggers posting photos of beautiful nature scenes from traveling all over the world. But such traveling causes much harm to nature; there are no magic jets that don’t pollute, and most use fossil-fuel vehicles to travel in these far-away places.
      (That’s some love of nature.) We need to wake up.


  4. It is good to offer perspective to your followers – we have so much to learn or to think about and can always stand to be more receptive and learn as much as we can. Your Yellow Swallowtail is gorgeous Tom!


    • Linda, i know that you are appreciative of a quiet, aware mind, that you tend to stay local and help local animals. That is wonderful and it means a lot.
      Regarding the being “more receptive and learn as much as we can” comment… Part of the problem, i feel, is that years ago we were so impressionable (we trusted that our elders had all the right answers for keeping us safe and secure); after all, we felt so secure in those initial years (for the most part). We then were very receptive and willing to learn as much as we could. But look at society; it’s a big disorderly mess. We are all in this same boat.
      Perhaps real leaning involves an aloneness (i.e., independence) that truly questions traditional things and goes beyond merely absorbing more of the same (and still more). Can we look without all of the patterns that we were filled with and really look anew, uncontaminated? I think so! 🙂


  5. There was the 7-year old nephew of a friend of mine who said this simply, in his innocent wise words, “No change…no change!” We write, hoping our thought-provoking words will help, inform, and inspire. Sometimes they are effective, and sadly sometimes they fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. Don’t stop sharing positivity and encouragement, because as frustrating and disorderly as things may appear amid the foolishness we witness, somewhere someone needs encouragement and your words may be the very thing to save them that day! 😀 🙂 😀


    • Yes, “no change”! Some kids, by the way, exist as a lot of wisdom (even though they are quite young). Years of experience have nothing to do with it; experience may even pervert it (as time goes by). Many take my blogging as entertainment but it is much more than that. It points going beyond mere entertainment and the accumulation of experience; however, many get stuck in the entertainment part (in life and in my blogging) and go no further. One realizes that that’s just the way it is.
      Thanks, Kym. 🙂


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