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Insights or Non- (Part 11)




The comatoseness of the average-ordinary mind is the result of a cadaverous education.

Merely looking at life through a screen of symbols and labels — as most do — isn’t really looking at life at all.

Taking a shower isn’t good enough; cleanse yourself of the dusty, stale past.

One cannot be visited by that pristine ground of eternal sacredness unless one’s mind is of intense order and purity.

There is, despite what we were taught, no (real) separate ego or central “I” controlling thought/thinking; what occurs — other than what holistic insight and direct perception reveal — is mostly all conditioned reactions that one is not separate from.  

Being photogenic isn’t important.  Being whole, compassionate, and perceptive is important.



After a Shower … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019



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  1. It’s true, isn’t it — after a shower, the world not only looks fresher, it smells more fresh, and seems to invite everyone to come out and enjoy the new perspective. I suspect both flower and beetle in your photo are enjoying the freshness of the rain.


    • Thanks so much, Barb! It’s the “beautifully put” that means the most to me (by far). (The images, each in their own way, are all superficial.) We had a super time at your wonderful place and with the awesome company. We felt like we were at a vacation resort!
      We took our dog, Lola, to get her monthly Addison’s shot today, then stopped by Muffy’s place (Marla’s mom) with the dog for a visit. I took some time to take photos at Riverside Hospital… and got some great shots of some great critters. 🙂


  2. These days we need more than a shower and a cake of soap to scrub off what is swirling around us. Luckily, the flowers are cleansed by Mother Nature’s showers, so they’re good to go. This little bug didn’t get washed off the flower and into a rivulet then into the street … he was a hanger on. We need to be a hanger-on when we can grab a good handle as it’s a rough ride these days.


    • “These days we need more than a shower and a cake of soap to scrub off what is swirling around us.” Yes, exactly, Linda; it’s really sad and surreal… what we have to witness going on these days.
      Yes, we each need to be a hanger-on; it’s getting more and more difficult for people and i really feel sorry for youth these days. What kind of world will they face? From the looks of things, it appears that most adults aren’t leaving them a pollution-free world of purity and harmony.


      • Exactly and instead of worrying about sending man to the moon and trashing up that lunar surface, perhaps they need to look no further than their own backyard. I sure wouldn’t want to bring kids into the world now – they’ll never thrive as we have in the past.

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