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A kind of postmortem examination
was done on him
long before his actual physical death

because unfortunately,
his brain became quite un-alive
after the innocent age of childhood.

Miseducation, brainwashing commercials,
propaganda-oriented news networks,
and being satisfied with remaining
in one dull routine after another

all contributed to his cadaverous pseudo-existence.
He often watches television and, of course, likes sports.
However, the little birds who nest in his yard
have far more compassion and life than he ever did.



Red House Finch Eggs … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Stare at television all day long, buy another pack of cheerio-pops when a commercial comes on and call it ‘free will.’

    (Whispers … not for me!)


  2. Beautiful eggs! They are quite the metaphor. So many retreat to their homes and stay there, not having the energy to keep up, their only relationships with TV and radio personalities. Could write a poem about the perpetually busy ones, too.


  3. Judging by the existing comments, I’d say your chances are 50/50. Lol! So: “than he ever did!” I believed we are gifted with strength in return for enduring troublesome times. I too, have in many ways, become cold emotionally; as if cut off from the life you really wanted is some kind of prerequisite for feeling sorry for yourself. And where does that get ya anyway? What you need, is a sympathetic ear. I listening… $3.00 per minute :o)


  4. The eggs are beautiful. There’s nothing so lovely as the dedication and care bird parents show toward their offspring — even when they’re still in the egg!


  5. The birds live a sparse life, eating what morsels they can find and building a nest which they craft themselves and then raise their young. They are careful to never let those nestlings out of their site, even after they fledge. The fledglings are near the parents and under their watchful eye. They are not put into the backseat of the car to be transported, then forgotten about until the end of the work day. I am horrified that someone can be so forgetful or not in tune with what they are doing to do such a thing. But then I am horrified or left shaking my head every time I turn on the news anymore.


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