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The Stuffy Politicians…




Many stuffy politicians can pull many
into their stupefaction
pull many into their (paid-for-by-
raisons d’etre
(which include bona fide lies)
but as for a rogue like me,
well, the cheese in their trap 
is made of distorted
­(though expensive and smelly)



Apolitical photo … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019

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  1. Remember how Donald Duck always was saying, “Ptooey!” It just occurred to me that “Politicians? Ptooey!” might be a fine phrase. What’s definitely fine is your iris. It’s beautiful.


      • I saw that pic on social media of the big Fishing Spider the Indiana fisherman found in his boat a few years back and it was scary Tom. I will steel myself – better put out a warning or disclaimer for us scaredy-cats!

        I think the finger is doing better – the nail is very numb but the swelling has gone down a lot and the bruises are not as dark. I go to the allergist this morning for my monthly allergy shots and going to show it to him or the PA –
        whoever is there today. If nothing comes of this beside all the bruising and tenderness I will feel very lucky as I know more than one finger could have been injured and even crushed.

      • Good that the finger is better! I used to get allergy shots. I do not take them any longer. Get good quality MSM, like from, take three or four 1,000mg capsules separately each day, and it will make allergies disappear (and help with any arthritis that you may have). 🙂

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