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Three Beautiful Blue Wishes




Three beautiful blue wishes,
circumscribed by a rigid limitation.
Soon they will emerge beyond
weakness and constraint
and will fly free enchantingly.

Do you think that you are beyond your
enclosing limitation?
Most are circumscribed by more
rigidity than these three ever were.
Most will never break free
because of blind beliefs
darkly will remain
bound in rigidity forever.



Three Beautiful Eggs from Mother Robin … Photo by Thomas Peace c. 2019




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  1. The eggs are brilliantly beautiful, but I am quite smitten by the artistry and meticulous details in the nest! πŸ˜€ Fantastic shot!


    • Yes, Kym, Mother-bird certainly has wonderful nest-building skills. πŸ™‚ This pic was taken last month. Today, while i was watering flowers, Mother-bird was nearby, hopping around in a tree, chirping to me. I whistle the same tune to Mother-bird, whenever i am around, so i am sure that she knows me. Then, today while watering, i noticed one of the fledglings down low in a tree very close to me. I then watered all around, in the lawn too, to hopefully encourage earthworms to come up high in the soil (for them to acquire). I’ll have pics of the fledglings (when they were younger) in a subsequent posting.


  2. I like the imagery of our thought bound by rigid shells.
    Last week I went out to do a nest search in hopes of temporarily staying the bulldozers from a patch of sagebrush. Found a sagebrush sparrow nest with four eggs, one with three hatchlings, and a mourning dove with two eggs.


  3. Perfect and pretty eggs in that nest crafted from twigs and grass. Although I don’t like it in my coach lamp elbow, I do enjoy watching the wonder of nature close up and marvel at the construction of the nest which they cement together with mud, so very durable.


      • I will look forward to seeing those pictures of the fledglings Tom. I never saw my Park robins fledge … one day they were in the nest, the next day they’d flown the coop and not even hanging around the old homestead. Your efforts at helping the robins by encouraging earthworms to come to the top makes me think of this very cute video that made the rounds last year. I searched for it to show you … it gives me a smile every time I watch it:

      • Wow, thanks! That is adorable stuff! πŸ™‚ I was giving worms – that i dug up while gardening and by putting them on the sidewalk – to the Mother-bird while the babies were still in the nest, and M.B. was quickly taking them and using them for the fledglings.

  4. What a joy it was when I was young to find a Robin’s egg, would feel the same now. I love the analogy and the challenge that you present. Am I beyond my enclosing limitation? One way to find out…break that shell piece by piece.


  5. I grew up in Iowa, and robins were the bird of summer. There still is nothing more soothing to my ear than the song of a robin at dusk. I’ve been known to find one of the youtube videos that loops robin song for an hour, just to listen and enjoy. Lucky you, to have the birds to love and tease worms out for!


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